Sera Monastery | 色拉寺

Sera Monastery was founded in 1419, by Jamchen Chojey, who was a disciple of TsongKhapa. It is located at the foot of a mountain about 5 kilometers north of Lhasa. The origin of the name ‘Sera’ derived from the fact that the original site was surrounded by ‘Wild Roses,‘ which in Tibetan language read as “Se” “Ra.” It had three main colleges that are as follows:
-1), “Sera Mey Dratsang” provided basic instructions to the young monks and was built in 1419.
-2), “Sera Jey Dratsang,” the largest, was built in 1435, reserved for wandering monks.
-3), “Ngagpa Dratsang” was built in 1559 with the purpose of teaching the Gelug pa tantra.

It also has the most famous debating training class across Tibetan Cultural Area. The debate was held in the debate hall in the far north of the monastery. There are so many people who come to witness the debating training, suggesting to arrive earlier for a good spot for visiting.

It is recommended to carry flashlight or headlights for visiting the well-preserved old murals. The Sky-funeral ground is on the mountain behind main assembly Hall, however, in order to respect the customs of local Tibetan people, the local authority does not allow travelers to watch it. Although you can not see the funeral, but there is a nearby rock field worth to pay a visit, from which a panorama view of Lhasa is visible.

Address & Contact

Add : No. 1, Sela Road, Cheng Guan district | 拉萨市城关区色拉路1号
Contact : +86 891 638-3639

Entrance fee

07:00am – 17:00pm: RMB 50.00 per person
After 17:00pm: RMB 5.00 per person
After 17:00pm, most of halls are closed

Opening hour

07:00am – 17:00pm
Monk-Debating-Class begin at 15:00pm


3,650 meters above sea level

Sera monastery Location

How to get there

The monastery is located in the northeast of Lhasa city, it can be reached easily with bus or taxi;

By bus line 6, 16,and 24, get off at bus stop “Se-La-Si-Stop | 色拉寺站”

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