Our vehicles

Transportation is difficult in remote areas of Tibet and the eastern Tibet of Kham, Amdo.; Although there’s been great progress in building new roads and fixing damaged roads it is not easy driving on high altitude roads.

We have built great connections with organized vehicle-rental services to train the drivers, that will serve the tours that run by Tibetan Trekking.

The drivers that work for our tours do not smoke in the vehicle, and with great patience, no matter how many times you want to stop to stretch your legs, taking pictures, among others. They will always be cooperative to stop a vehicle without hassle. In addition to the excellent services they drive safe ensuring our clients can concentrate on the journey and enjoy their holiday.

The below listed vehicles are the ones used in the central Tibet, Kham and Amdo.

Vehicles that are often used for Kham tours and Amdo tours

Buick 7 seats V31 V73lc90 Sagitar 23 seats vehicle

7 seats minivan for Tibet tours