2017 Tibet Yak Museum Reopen
Tibet Yak Museum Reopen

Tibet Yak Museum reopen on Apr 18th. It was closed for the yak-culture exhibition which was held in the Capital Museum in the middle of October 2016

Tibet Yak Museum covers an area of 8000 square meters and it was opened 3 years ago. There are four major exhibition halls which are Gratitude Hall, Yak Exploration Hall, Accompany Hall and Yak Hall.

The goal of building this museum is to introduce the origin and domestication of yak, and how Tibetan lives with yak, in terms of nature and science, history and humanity, as well as spirit and art.As to be a national nonprofit permanent institution, Tibet Yak Museum opens to public for free. This museum opens 6 days a week. Monday is the only day that this museum is closed. Smoking is forbidden in the all visiting areas,

Video or photography is not allowed in general, unless you have permission which is authorized by the related personal of Tibet Yak Museum


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