Lhasa Tsetang Express way is under building. By far, the building of Lhasa-Tsetang Express way is been running well. This project was activated from August 26th, 2016. The length of this Express way is 47.46 kilometers with bidirectional four roadways. Its designed speed is 80 kilometers per hour. With the completion of this road, it

La Long Tso westland is a national nature reserve located in Pelyul county. It situated in the source of Za La river, which is the main tributary of Jinsha river. Its size is of nearly 3,000 hectares, and with altitude drop of 1,047 meters. It is the first Wetland Nature Reserve of Kanze (Garze) Tibetan

According to Lhasa Railway Station that the booking on the Lhasa Shigatse Train are now bookable 30 days priror to departure. For the moment, there are 3 scheduled trains on this route, of which are: Z8801/2, Z8803/4, and Z9802 Following the national train department regulation of “Real-Name System” that the orignal copy of your ID

2017 Tibet Airlines has a big change, new jet being purchased and used on the current flights, and there are 7 new airlines are about to be open, among of which 2 flights are from Lhasa, i.e: Lhasa–Xining-Qingdao & Lhasa-Lanzhou-Qingdao; One flight is from Nyingchi to Shenzhen with stop over Chongqing; the other 4 new

Rinbung Tibetan Opera Mask is one special type of Tibetan Monk Dance Mask and being made in Rinbung county, of which is administrated by Shigartse and situated in between Lhasa and Shigartse City. Rinbung in Tibetan means “Treasure”. Tibetan opera is the traditional opera of Tibet, and it means Fairy in Tibetan. In Rinbung County,

Chengdu Kangding highway is planned to be completed one year earlier than its original plan in 2018. This highway begins from Chengdu and ends at Kangding , Yaan is the vital city that is seated in the almost middle of this highway; The first part of this highway from Chengdu to Yaan is about 148km,

Tibetan food Kasai is one special made food for Tibetan festivals. Especially for Tibetan New Year Festival. Kasai is made of Wheat flour, butter, salt in assorted shapes and sizes. It is actually a traditional fried Tibetan pastry and indispensable for Tibetan festivals. Kasai is usually to be coated with a thin layer of sugar

Samye monastery conservation starts from 2010. after 7 years hard work, it is almost completed. It was built in the late 770s in Tsetang and featuring a blend of traditional Tibetan, Chinese and Indian architecture. The Samye monastery conservation inlcudes maintain the and rebuild its 12 buildings, adding its new and mordern Fireproof system, and

Ganden Monastery Academy, together with the Sera Monastery and the Drepung Monastery, is called “Great three” Gelukpa Academy of Tibet. It is located at the top of Wangbur Mountain in Tagtse County. It was built in the 7th year of the Yongle Reign (1409) during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Ganden Monastery consists of over 50