2017 September 25th, Gyirong port is now officially being approved to be opened for both tourism and business for the third national. It is now the 3rd international port of Tibet; Thus, the overland tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa, which has been suspended ever since the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, is now reopen; click to

For years, the road condition is very bad in the east Tibet of Kham, the current Western Sichuan Province; Although it has been greatly improved in the past years, still to travel with a 4 wheel drive assure you that to travel safe and comfort; please click to view detail of the Toyota Land cruiser

Long Kotow is one very powerful ritual of Tibetan Buddhism. It usually happens on the road to Lhasa, and Jokhang temple is the most selected end of such a ritual which last for years; This ritual is like to measure the length of the road that the pilgrims will have done in the years; It

Tibetan Buddhism Chorten Tibetan Buddhism Chorten was a monumental stone or mud brick structure. These hemispherical burial mounds entombed the remains of holy men and could also mark the sites of important events in the lives of these figures. The oldest of these structures are preserved in India, where they are called Stupas. This burial

Karma Kagyu Palpung is the main monastery of Kagyu Pa in Kham. It is also called “Ba-Bang-Si” in chinese Ping Ying, and the “mother” monastery of the Karma Kagyu in Kham. It is located on the hill slope hidden in the valley near Jinsha River, was originated in the 12th century and wielded religious and

According to Lhasa City government that the official vacation time for 2017 Shoton festival is from 21st to 27thAugust; On the two days of August 19th (Saturday) and August 27th (Sunday) , all departments of Lhasa government work as usual

Bamei August Pujia, August is the season that the Tibetan Buddhism Puja and and folk festival being held often in this small town, and its neighboring town of Tagong, which is only 30 kilometers east; The major Puja of Bamei is the Peaceful Puja that is held in the middle of August at Si hui

Kawakarpo Mingyong Glacier is about 11.7 kilometers long, it is the 2nd largest and longest glacier in Heng-duan mountain, the first one is Hailuogou Glacier of Mount gongga (7556 m). This glacier is about 50 kilometers from Deqin, a small Tibetan town that is becoming popular due to the boost of tourism. It also result

Sengeshong Art Schools are indeed the two parts of Wutung monastery, knowns as Lower Wutun monastery (Sengeshong Yagotsang ) and Upper Wutun monastery (Sengeshong Magotsang). The artwork from this schools and the style of art have spread to all areas of Amdo, even today; the tradition of Thangkar art was severely damaged during the 10

Explore Shangri La City Yunnan is to explore the Shangri La City which was named Zhongdian or in Tibetan “Gyalthang”. On December 17th 2001, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State Council of the People ‘s Republic of China, it has been renamed as “Shangri La” ever since; It located in the