The seat of Dorje Pakmo, Samding Monastery is the only monastery in Tibet that has female as abbot. Samding monastery is regarded as a “The Temple of Meditation”. It is built by Yamdrok lake, about 10 kilometers east of Langkazi county. It is Shambang Kagyu tradition , a branch of Kagyu Pa of Tibetan Buddhism

Visit Barkhor Street is one program which is kind of Must-Have when visiting Tibet. Barkhor street is of the most well-known Tibet Attractions that the streets many Tibetans wander around. It follows the Barkhor pilgrims’ route that encircles the Jokhang temple. The walk was about one kilometer long and encircled the entire Jokhang temple, the

Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake is located at Chaka county, it is about 240 kilometers from Xining the capital of Qinghai (Amdo) province. It takes about 5 hours drive on paved passing through kokonor lake to get to this wonderful place; please click to view detail of Chaka Salt Lake

Xining, Amdo’s pearl Xining means “peace in the west”, is the capital of Qinghai province, and the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau. It has 2.2 millions inhabitants with altitude of 2,295 meters above sea level, and history of over 2,100 years. It has a cold semi-arid climate and acting as the major gateway to

Tibetan Buddhism Icon graphic can be overwhelmed during your Tibet trip. The scale is breathtaking, however, it helps you to understand and surely enjoying if you could recognize some of those when you travel through Tibetan plateau. Those images are not only the statues that you could see in monasteries, temples, but also printed or

Amdo Tsanggar Monastery is also called Sertsang monastery or Shi Zang monastery. It is located some 12 kilometers east of Heibei county in Amdo. It is one Gelug Pa tradition monastery, was built in the 30th year of Qian long Empire (1765) Qing Dynasty. Founded by the 1st Zhida Repoche of Denpa Gyatso, whom was

Shalu monastery updates Shalu monastery updates provides newly updated information of Shalu monastery, including location, entrance fee, altitude, map; Shalu monastery was the first one to be built by noble families of the Tsangpa during Tibet’s great revival of Buddhism, and was an important center of the Sakya Pa. It was renowned as a center

Nowadays there is a lot improvements on Tibet Traffic, The Qinghai Tibet train has been running ever since 2016; the railway between Shigartse and Lhasa has made the journey between this two cities much more convenient than ever; However, the land transportation is still the main power to transport goods, people…etc, from one place to

2018 Langmu Si Festival date is confirmed to be held from February 17th to March 2nd. please click to view 2018 Langmu Si Festival tour It is located about 90 km from Luqu County on the national road that connects Gansu and Sichuan provinces. The town was named after an ancient legend about a fairy

2018 Losar Festival Date, also 2018 Tibetan New Year Festival Date is confirmed to be held in between 2018 February 16th to February 18th. please click to view 2018 Losar Festival tour Losar Festival is also Tibetan New Year festival. It is considered the start of a new year. Since the systematization of the Tibetan