2019 Katok Festival Date is confirmed to be held in the three days from 2019 August 8th to August 10th; August 10nd should be the day for the traditional day of unfolding Thangka ; Attending this festival by joining this tour…

Labrang monastery Noon Lesson begins almost at 12:00 o’clock everyday except Sunday; When time is approaching 11:50 am ,  two monks come to the roof top of the assembly hall and blowing Conch, the sound is a single to tell the monk students gathering together in the main hall. The monks students are generally separated

2018 Litang festival is now begin, it is now with name of “Litang Cang Yang Dya Tso Poem Festival”. It last 4 days from August 2nd to August 5th. The programs are listed below: Opening ceremony Time:August 2nd, 20:00  – 22:00 pm Location: Litang Kang Nan Entertaining Center Traditional Horse-racingTime: The morning of August 3rd and

Qinghai Province has recently announced Qinghai Travel Ban on several national level nature reserves, including the Yellow River Source Area of Eling lake and Zha Ling Lake in Mado county; Nyempo Yurtse in Jigzhi county, Bird island and Sand island of Qinghai lake, Mt Qilian In recent years, the rapaidly developed tourism and outdoor activities

2019 Aba Festival date has been confirmed in between February 17th to 20th. The 2019 Aba Festival Tour has been updated accordingly Find out the travel information about Aba county

Source: Xinhua Recently, the Lhasa helicopter travel route, which is operated by Lhasa Xueying General Aviation Co. Ltd., has been confirmed. The route is heliport–Liuwu Bridge– Intercontinental Hotel–heliport and the total flying time is about 12 to 15 minutes. From now on, Lhasa of Tibet officially open the air-travel Besides, the Lhasa Xueying General Aviation

Potala Palace Entrance Ticket New Policy has just been announced by the Potala Palace Management due to the rapidly growing number of tourists, that all entrance tickets will have to be booked in advance. In addition, the number of visitors is limited at different times of a day. All those institutions are made to minimize

Source : Xinhua As part of efforts to preserve the 1,000-year-old epic, Four books about the Epic of King Gesar have been released, according to researchers in Tibet Autonomous Region. The Epic of King Gesar has about 200 episodes and being believed to be the one of the world’s longest epics. It tells how an

The iconic of Tibet – the Potala Palace will be open to the public free of charge for three months, as authorities are striving to promote winter tourism. Starting Feb. 1, entry to the palace will be free of charge for tourists as part of Tibet’s program – “Winter Tourism in Tibet” The program is

The Tradition Tibetan Printing is now still existed in the monastic attached printing house, one of which is called Derge Printing house, and it is located in Derge County View the process in the below small video