2018 Repkong Festival date is just confirmed in between Feburary 20th to March 2nd. please click to view this tour Repkong (Tongren) county is known as the “Homeland of Thangka.” One festival is called “Repkong festival” that is held annually in this county, it is also called Monlam Festival. During Repkong festival, you will watch

New Tibet historical cultural towns – In order to preserve and inheriting traditional Tibetan culture, the local government of Tibet Autonomous Region has made the announcement that 6 towns and 8 villages are reached the standard and being as autonomous region level historical and cultural villages. The evaluation criteria includes the original condition protection degree,

Lhasa 5 star hotels will be built more according to Lhasa Tourism Development Committee. At present, there are 141 star-rated hotels in Lhasa. Among of which are mostly 2, 3 star rated hotels that are quite enjoyed by the backpackers, low budgets tourists. However, the fast development of Tibet’s tourism industry has brought more and

Lhasa Shared Bike has now activated by the Shared Bike company. More than 300 bright yellow bikes have been placed more than 30 spots of Lhasa. This new type of transportation supplying will provide a true low-carbon, cheap transport for local Tibetans, Hui people, and Han people, as well as tourists, The Shared-bike was started

Kangding Mountain Festival is also called “Kangding April 8 Festival”, as “April” 8 is the first day of this festival; This festival is held annually in Pao Ma mountain of Kangding; in 2017, its date is on May 3rd, the whole celebration will last 3 days. “April 8” is also the birth date of Buddha

Kangding heavy snow has caused roadblock in between Xinduqiao and Kangding. It began from 24th Apr that it snows a little, it did not stop, and it is getting heavier. Till last night, the Mount Dzatuo has been blocked by the snow, more than 200 people are trapped by the snow, or have to stay

Kanze flights have been recently restored by the major airports of Yading airport and Kangding airport. The restored flights including flights to Hangzhou, Lhasa and Chongqing. It will be much more convenience for visitors to travel through the “5A” scenic area of Hailuo Glacier to enjoy the lowest glacier in Asia; and Yading Nature reserve

Kanze airport is built at the site that is 8-9 kilometers from the township of Kanze (Garze) which was the capital town of Kanze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, now the capital has been moved to Kangding. Its county extends from the lower region of Yi-chu valley and Rongpatsa township as far as the Latseka watershed pass

Mount Everest climbing season comes when it is getting warmer. April is almost the start of this climbing season every year. In 2017, there are more than 300 mountaineers whom have filed their climbing plan to Tibet Mountaineering Association. Including Mt Everest, Mt Choyo and Mt Xi-xia-bang-ma “The best time to reach the top is