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Tibet Destinations Guide is to introduce “TIBET”, which is referred as the “Roof of the World,” a land so rich in cultural tradition and in religion along with unique landscape. Tibet is surrounded on three sides by vast mountains including, the Kun-Lun Mountains of Central Asia in the north, the Karakoram range in the west and the Himalayas in the south.

In the southern part of Tibet, some of the world’s highest mountains define its southern border. These are as follows: Mt Everest (8,848 meters), the highest mountain in the world; Namcha Barwa (7,756 meters), where the Brahmaputra carve a fantastic gorge to enter India. Between the two ranges lie the river-valley region extending about 1,000 kilometers from west to east. The Brahmaputra River (known in Tibetan as The Yarlung Tsangpo) flows from west to east through most of Tibet. In addition to Brahmaputra, Tibet is also a source for other large rivers including, indus and Satluj, which cut across the Himalayas creating gorges and flowing towards the Indian plains.

In Tibet, prayer flags flutter from high temples and villages are nestled amidst the picturesque scenery. Travel across the Tibetan plateau with its dramatic rivers and majestic mountains, which have made Tibet one of extraordinary destinations where adventure is on every corner. The Adventures in Tibet are never short whether it is the beautiful Trans-Himalayan drive, through mountain, passes, they all promise a panoramic view of the cultural and natural diversity unseen elsewhere.

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