Darchen county

Darchen is a small village with an altitude of about 4,700 meters, in the south of Kailash monutain, is where the starting point of the Kailash Cora. It is only a one-day bus drive approxiamtely 340 kilometers from the town of Ali (Shiquanhe) the capital town of Ngari.

It was formerly an important Sheep and Yak station for the nomads and their herds. Until 1994, there were just 4 or 5 permanent buildings. In 1995, a medical center was founded and built sponsored by Swiss which has become a training center for doctors.

After nearly 20 yrs developing, it now contains about 12 small restaurants and several hotels, guesthouses; among of which the Gang Dis Hotel is where Public Security Bureau officers are stationed from March till to November. In additon to that, there are a number of grocery stores, and camping sites. There is not much to see there, but you can leave unneeded luggage in the locked storerooms or rent gear, packed animals, among other things to make your trip more convenient.

Darchen location