Lhasa 5 star hotels
lhasa 5 star hotels

Lhasa 5 star hotels will be built more according to Lhasa Tourism Development Committee.

At present, there are 141 star-rated hotels in Lhasa. Among of which are mostly 2, 3 star rated hotels that are quite enjoyed by the backpackers, low budgets tourists. However, the fast development of Tibet’s tourism industry has brought more and more clients that requires different requesting on accommodation, got the moment the supply in high-end accommodations is far behind the market requests that even result in negative comment on the accommodation level of Tibet.

In order to improve the service standard, and also providing more choice to visitors, tourists and business clients, Local Tourism Development Committee has decided to support of building 5 star-rated hotels. In addition to build more 5 star hotels. Local Tourism Development Committee also encourages conditional hotels to provide diversified and high-qualified services.


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