Lhasa Shared Bike
Lhasa Shared Bike

Lhasa Shared Bike has now activated by the Shared Bike company. More than 300 bright yellow bikes have been placed more than 30 spots of Lhasa. This new type of transportation supplying will provide a true low-carbon, cheap transport for local Tibetans, Hui people, and Han people, as well as tourists,

The Shared-bike was started in big cities of Beijing and Shanghai, it allows riders to rent bikes for just one yuan or even 0.5 yuan per hour, which equals 15 cents or 7.5 cents in US Dollar. After finish the riding, you are almost able to drop the bike at anywhere you stop. The rental process is very easy and convenient that you just need to turn on your mobile and download the Shared-bike App, then with the app you are able to rent any shared-bike in the city;

The shared-bikes in the streets have attracted curious people, monks, local people, come to try it; some of them just to rent the shared-bike for a fun ride;

Following Lhasa, the 2nd largest city of Shigatse is about to have this ECO-friendly transportation tool, according to Shared-bike company that more than 300 shared biked will have been placed in 22 spots, and more shared bikes are brought in the ancient city of the World Rooftop


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