Litang Chode rebuilt has been completed
Litang Chode full view

Litang Chode, also known as Litang Chode Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling, was built in 1580. It is the oldest and largest Gelug Pa Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the East Tibet of Kham. Nowadays, the Garze Tibetan Prefecture. It is the holy place of Gelug Pa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and also the key cultural relics in Sichuan Province.

In the evening of November 16th, 2013, the main hall of Litang Chode was unfortunately destroyed due to fire disaster. In May of 2014, the rebuilding of the main hall began. After 4 years hard work, the reconstruction of the main hall has been going well, which the structural work has been completed, as well as the in-house renovations; the only left work is the three Buddha statues in the main hall, which is expected to be completed in 2019.

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