Litang Chode

Litang Chode also known as Litang Chode Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling, in Chinese Pin-Yin “Chang Qing Chun Ke Er Si-长青春科尔寺” , is located on the slope of Moraca Mountain in the north of the town. Originally a Black-Sect (Bon) Monastery, during the Wan-Li Period of the Ming Dynasty (1580), the third Dalai Lama – Suo-Nan Gyatso changed it to the Yellow-Sect (Gelug Pa) monastery and had it Consecrated. It is the oldest and largest Yellow-Sect (Gelug Pa) monastery in the east Tibet of Kham.

“Chang Qing Chun Ke Er ” is indeed the pronunciation of Tibetan language, the first two words “Chang Qing” means Maitreya Buddha (the future Buddha); the “Chun Ke Er ” means the Dharma Chakra that is always turning,and with fine truth forever. The monastery covers an area of more than 500 acres with more than 4,300 monks, among of whom, about 800 are the permanent residents.

Litang Chode is built on the mountain. The main hall is located at the highest point in the center of the temple. Since the end of 20th Century, this monastery has been rebuilt and maintained under the support of local authority, the temple has restored Maitreya Hall, Asemblly Hall, Thousand Buddha Hall, Xianggen Dormitory, Jinding Red Palace; One 19-meter-high Maitreya Buddha and the Three Thousand Buddha Halls were donated by the locals. There are unique Buddhist murals on the girders in the temple. The Golden Dome Palace features the spiritual towers of the 1st and 2nd Xiang-Gen (香根) Rinpoche. The gilded tower is engraved with various patterns and is also inlaid with Red turquoise,Dzi Bead,Agate, coral, amber and other treasures. There are also the footprints of the 3rd and 5thDalai Lama in the temple. If lucky, the ancient Buddhist scriptures of “Ganggyur” & “Dangyur” can be viewed.

Address & Contact

Add : Moraca Mountain, North Litang | 理塘县城城北莫拉卡山山坡

Opening hour

Full Day

Entrance fee



4100 meters above sea level

Major Events

Litang “8.1” Horse-Racing Festival: from 1st to 15th of August

Maoya Tent Puja : In Maoya grassland, on the 10th month of Tibetan calendar

Lamp Festival : iin Litang Chode and Leng-gu monastery, on 25th on the 10th month of Tibetan calendar

Tibetan New Year Festival: from 1st to 15th day on the 1st month of Tibetan calendar

Mai-Lang-Qu-Ba Puja (麦郎曲巴法会): from 15th to 16th on the 1st month of Tibetan calendar

Banish Evil Festival: on 19th of the 12th month of Tibetan calendar

Mountain Festival: In the August, this festival is organized by villages, no certain time to be confirmed

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