Reting monastery | 热振寺

Reting monastery was the first major monastery of the Sarma revival with altitude of 4,230 meters above sea level, it was founded as the seat of the Kadam lineage by Atiśa’s chief disciple Dromtö in 1057. It is located in Tang Gu village of Lin-Zhou county

Tsongkhapa reformed Kadam lineage, which became the “Gelug Pa”, hence Reting became an important Gelug Pa monastery. The Reting Rinpoches were among the candidates for Regent.

Brief History

“Reting” means eradicate all the troubles, and continued to be detached from the three Realms of Samsara. From the 7th Dalai lama, the reincarnation system was built and there are 7 reincarnations of Reting Renpoche. On the 3rd reincarnation of Reting Renpoche, the Qing Dynasty empire Xian-Feng Granted the title of “HUTUKTU” to Reting monastery.

The constructions of Reting monastery were damaged by the earthquake in August 18th 1952. More than 200 chorten, and approximately 774 halls, rooms were damaged at this earthquake. It is now still in the process to rebuild some of the buildings;

On each year, A large scale Puja is held on the 15th day of the 4th Month of Tibetan calendar;

On every year of Monkey, a Buddhism Puja will be held on the 15th day of the 7th Month of Tibetan calendar; It was just Buddhism activities in the very beginning, and gradually it was developed into a comprehensive festival in addition to religious activities, the farmers and herdsmen nearby will carry out various types of goods here for trading, while carrying out various recreational activities. It now is held almost every year at the same time

Address & Contact

Add : Pu-Duo-Qu Village, Lindrob county
Contact : +86 891 665-0809

Opening hour

07:00 am – 19:00 pm

Entrance fee

RMB 30.00 per person


4,230 meters above sea level

Reting monastery Location

How to get there

Reting monastery is located in Lindrob county, about 155 kilometers northeast from Lhasa, there is one bus departure for this site at 07:30 am from Lhasa East Bus Terminal with rate of RMB 50.00 per person

Lhasa East Bus Terminal

Address: No. 3 Jiangsu East Rd, Chengguan Qu | 拉萨城关区江苏东路3号
Contact: +86 891 634-0523

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