Tsurphu monastery | 楚布寺

Tsurphu monastery is one of the many monastic institutions established in Central Tibet in the 11thand 12th centuries. It was founded as a meditation retreat in 1187 by Dusum Kyenpa, whom came from Kham and received his teachings from a disciple of the hermit ascetic Milarepa.

Dusum Kyenpa is regarded as the first Karmapa with a lineage of Truku that continues to this day. During the next five centuries Tsurphu monastery grew into a religious center.

Like most of Tibet’s largest monasteries, it was drawn into the political arena, leading to its destruction by Mongol armies in 1642 during a lengthy war between rivaling noble families in U and Tsang provinces (currently the east Tibet of Kham and Amdo). Tsurphu monastery slowly rebuilt and restored its status as an important Kargyupa center when nearly a thousand monks were in residence. This monastery was tragically destroyed in 1966 during the Cultural Revolution and began rebuilding in 1980 by the 16th Karmapa.

Address & Contact

Upper stream of Tsurphu River, Tui-Long-De-qing county | 拉萨市堆龙德庆县西北楚布河上游
Contact : +86 891 667-4780

Opening hour

09:00am – 14:00pm

Entrance fee

RMB 40.00 per person


4,300 meters above sea level

Tsurphu Location

How to get there

One round trip bus get to Tsurphu monastery from Lhasa city

  • Start station: Bus stop is in the alley 200 meters from the west side of Jokhang temple | 大昭寺西侧花园南行200米胡同内
  • Ticket rate: RMB 15.00 per ticket
  • Departure: in between 07:00 – 08:00, departures when the vehicle is full
  • Return: at 15:00pm

Major Event

Summer Puja : The 10th day on the 4th Month of Tibetan Canlendar
Winter Puja : The 29th day on the 12th Month of Tibetan Canlendar

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