Larung Gar Monastery

Larung Gar Monastery is also called Larung Gar Five Sciences Buddhist Academy | 色达喇荣五明佛学院. It is a Buddhist academy located in the Larung Gar valley, some 20 km east from Serta County. It was founded in 1980 in the uninhabited valley by Jigme Phuntsok, a lama of the Nyingma tradition. The academy has grown substantially ever since. The highest population was in 2008, by then approximately 110,000 monks and nuns live and study in this valley; Till 2015, it is still a “home” to over 35,000 monks and nuns. Nuns and monks are segregated by age and sex. Housing for monks and nuns are divided by a winding road cut the mountains that divides the “city” like monastery. Alcohol are strictly prohibited in this valley.

Address & Contact

Add : Located in the valley of Luoruo Xiang |色达,洛若村


3,700 meters above sea level

Entrance fee

Free of charge

Opening hour

Valleys: Full day

Larung Gar Location

Larung Gar Accommodation

Larung Gar is the largest guesthouse in this valley; this is recommended for its good location that provides full view of the valley and easy access to the monastery vegetarian restaurant and the assembly hall

There are about 8 smaller guesthouses near the assembly hall, and another 11 guesthouses are built or being built at the valley entrance, which is about 2-3 kilometers from the main hall

Larung Gar Festival & Puja

Festival NameDateMonthCalendar
Dharani Puja 神变月的持明大法会from 1st to 15ththe 1st Month Tibetan Calendar
Samantabhadra Puja 萨迦月的金刚萨捶法会from 8th to 15ththe 4th Month Tibetan Calendar
Vajrasattva Puja 明净月的普贤云供法会from 1st to 8ththe 6th Month Tibetan Calendar
Bliss Puja 游戏月的极乐法会 from 18th to 25ththe 9th Month Tibetan Calendar

How to get there

The easiest way and comfort way is to rent a vehicle from Chengdu to Larung Gar, the rental is vary in different season, usually for a 4 wheel drive vehicle, the one way rental is from RMB 1,500.00 – 4,000.00

Alternatively, the public transportation is also very popular. There are three buses leaving from Cha-Dian-Zi Bus Terminal of Chengdu to Serta Countyevery day. It departs separately at 06:10 am , 06:15 am and 06:20 am with rates of RMB 209.00 OR RMB 231.00, it takes about 14 hours’ drive

Chengdu Cha Dian Zi Bus Terminal
Add: No. 289, Section 5th, West Third ring road;
Jin-Niu district, Chengdu
Contact: +86 28 87506610
Altitude: 460 meter above sea level

Be advised

  • the bus ticket is quite popular, you may have to book online in advance, the ticket booking web:
  • The bus goes directly yo Serta County , so you will have to inform the driver that you go to Larung Gar, and need to get off the bus at the “The Road intersection of Buddhist Academy (佛学院路口)”
  • Once you get off the bus at the “The Road intersection of Buddhist Academy (佛学院路口)”, you will need to take another local vehicle to cover the final 3.5 kilometers to reach at the Assembly hall of Larung Gar Five Sciences Buddhist Academy

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