Tibet Travel Permits, China Travel Visa

In general, A trip to Tibet requires having a Tibet Travel Permits and a China Visa, which are two different type of documents. Below is an explanation of those documents. What documents are required for visitors to obtain these documents, especially when trying to get the Tibet Travel Permit.

“Tibet Travel Permits”

There are many different documents approved by the Tibet local government to travel in Tibet. Among those, the Tibet Travel Permit (without “s”) is the one that is permitted by the Tibet Tourism Board (TTB). This document along with other permits including, Alien Pass among others, can only be applied by Tibet based Tour operators, which will submit all required documents to related government agencies for the entire process. Any application from individual foreign visitors or foreign tour operators will not be accepted by the local government.

Sample of Tibet travel permits

tibet travel permit tibet travel permit name list

“China Visa”

is permitted by Chinese Embassy, which is under administration of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sample of China Visa

How to prepare the Tibet Permit and China Visa when Entering Tibet:

There are two ways to get onto Tibetan plateau:

  • Via Nepal
  • Via other cities in China. Among those cities, Chengdu is a city that is the most convenience of getting into both Tibet and the eastern Tibet of Kham and Amdo

Documents needed to enter Tibet from Nepal:

  • A Passport valid for 6 months minimum
  • A clear colored scan of your passport
  • Your occupation

All travelers and tourists do Not need to have a China visa before their departure whether entering Tibet by flight or land, because both the China visa and Tibet travel permits will be applied for by your selected tour operator and will be obtained with your original passport once you arrive in Katmandu.

Documents needed to enter Tibet from China Mainland:

  • A Passport valid for 6 months minimum
  • A clear colored scan of your China travel visa
  • A clear colored scan of your passport
  • Your occupation

You need to get your travel visa to China before your departure.