Hong Po Si is also the name of Hong Po Monastery, it is hidden in the Hong Po village of Deqin county; It was a monastery belongs to Karma Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Religion, but converted to be a Gelug Pa sect of monastery after only 160 yrs after its establishment; It is one of

2020 Tongren festival date has been defined. It is from August 5th to 14th. During this 10 days, local people will dressup to particapte this annual grand celebrations. For touring this festival, please visit this page for detail programs

2019 Litang Festival date has been confirmed to be held from July 29th to August 2nd. The theme of this 2019 Litang festival is been decided as “Meet Tsangyang Gyatso Poetry Festival”; “Tsangyang Gyatso” is also called (RIGDZIN) Tsangyang Gyatso, who was the 6th Dalai Lama, and also a great poet. He wrote “White cranes!

Mount Everest National Nature Reserve in Tibet has been decided to ban tourists from entering core zone which is reorganized to begin from the Everest Base Camp. However, the mountain climber, whom are issued with climbing permit, are surely not be affected. Recently, an online report about the Everest base camp was “permanently closed due

Kangding was the first town for entering Tibetan plateau from Chengdu. People may not get the feel of Tibetan when arriving this rapidly developed Tibetan city; however, when continually drive to Xinduqiao town, which is 72 kilometers west from Kangding, you will get the feel of Tibetan. The Highway from Chengdu to Kangding is almost

Litang Chode, also known as Litang Chode Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling, was built in 1580. It is the oldest and largest Gelug Pa Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the East Tibet of Kham. Nowadays, the Garze Tibetan Prefecture. It is the holy place of Gelug Pa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and also the key cultural relics in

2019 Katok Festival Date is confirmed to be held in the three days from 2019 August 8th to August 10th; August 10nd should be the day for the traditional day of unfolding Thangka ; Attending this festival by joining this tour…

Labrang monastery Noon Lesson begins almost at 12:00 o’clock everyday except Sunday; When time is approaching 11:50 am ,  two monks come to the roof top of the assembly hall and blowing Conch, the sound is a single to tell the monk students gathering together in the main hall. The monks students are generally separated