Tibet Tours is where you will find trips that go onto Tibetan Plateau. To explore how Tibetan Religion is important to Tibetan, and witness the strong influence of religion in all aspects of Tibetan lives.

The central Tibet is the area of the most developed cultural regions, including Lhasa, Tsetang, Shigartse and Gyantse. On this area, you will gain insights into the soul of Tibet culture as you explore the major religious monuments and “power places” of the country and meet the indomitable Tibetan people who maintain their spiritual identity in the face of overwhelming odds.

The west Tibet is Ali area, where you will see the source of Tibetan and Tibetan Society of Guge kingdom ruin; and also the thought to be Earth Belly of Mt. Kailash;

The North Tibet of Changtang plateau is thought to be the Roof of the Roof of the World, as it is the highest plateau across the globe, here you will have chance to observing the wild creatures, such as Wild Yak, Donkey, Tibetan Gazelle, and countless birds, of which take this enormous region as their hometown, this is full of life territory.

Tibet, this vast land has a rich geography with iconic views, making Tibet one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world.

2019 Shoton Festival

The traditional Tibetan ‘Yogurt Festival’ in August
5 days

2020 Losar Festival

Tibetan New Year and Banish Evil Festival
5 days

2020 Saga Dawa Festival

The Holiest Tibetan Religious Ritual in Tibet
14 days

Ganden Samye Trek

The trek from Ganden to Samye monastery
9 days

Kailash Trek

Kailash Trek is the holiest pilgrimage Cora
13 days

Lhasa City Tour

The classic Lhasa visit with Yamdrok Lake
4 days

Lhasa Kathmandu Overland Trip

The Lhasa Kathmandu overland trip
9 days

Mt Everest Trip

The journey to the highest Mount Everest
8 days