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Kham Sacred Sites

Kham Sacred Sites trip shall explore the monasteries of Tibetan religion in the eastern Tibet of Kham, such as Kanze monastery (Gelug pa ), Palpung monastery (kagyu pa).

Tibetan Buddhism had a strong influence in the 11th century AD among the peoples of Central Asia, Mongolia and Manchuria. It was adopted as an official state religion by the Mongol of Yuan dynasty and the Manchu of Qing dynasty that both ruled China.

On this Trip, the route is mainly on the northern route of Sichuan-Tibet highway in Sichuan province, the trip passes through Kangding, Xinduqiao, Garze (kanze), Pelyul, and Derge, all of which are the major sites that provide support when Princess Wen Cheng of Tang Dynasty traveled to Lhasa for the Royal Marriage with Tibet King of Songtsen Gampo

Departure Date Overview

MonthDeparture date
2020 May10th
2020 June10th
2020 July10th
2020 August10th
2020 September10th
2020 October10th
2020 November10th
Arrive Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Departure Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Activity Walking, Sightseeing, Photography
Group size

Minimum 4 people, maximum 16 people

Licensed English-speaking guide
Accommodation based on double occupancy
Entrance fees to all sites listed in the itinerary
Arrival and departure airport transfers
Walking and driving tour per itinerary
Medical costs China visa fees
Personal expenses Lunch and Dinner
Single supplement

Arrive in Chengdu

Meet your guide at airport or train station and drive to your hotel to check in. In the afternoon a relaxing sightseeing visit to the traditional Chinese teahouse at People’s park.

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Hotel | Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner


Chengdu to Xin Du Qiao

Today, we’ll drive 360 kilometers on a paved road, into hill country and cross through Mt. Erlang tunnel, where we will stop by to visit Luding Iron Bridge. Then, we’ll arrive at the gateway town of the Eastern Tibet of Kham – Kangding , which is cradled along the raging Dzetuo River. The river’s continual rumble can be heard in its alleyways where nomads from the West to sell Tibetan herbal medicine, Khampa knives, traditional Tibetan garments, and yak butter tea. For centuries the town has held the status of “Gateway to Tibet,” We will continue drive to Xinduqiao, a quiet small Tibetan town, it is getting well-know for its picturesque view

Overnight: Jin Qiu Mu Ma Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Xin Du Qiao to Garze (Kanze)

In the morning, we will begin our journey by visiting Tagong (Lhagang) Monastery ; then after driving 30 km, then we will continue our tour heading west to Luhuo , en route we will stop by Dawu to visit Nyingtro Gonpa. Luhuo is one warm Tibetan Town. It has been rebuilding since the earthquake in 1970’s , so it looks quite “new” comparing to the other towns in Kham.The distance from Luhuo to Garze is about 100 km, which takes only less than 3 hours, on the drive, we will stop and enjoy the view of Kasa lake, once we arrive in Kanze, check in, rest

Overnight: Tang Gu La Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Garze to Pelyul

The overall distance from Garze to Pelyul County is about 230 kilometers on a paved road; The watershed passes through the glacial Kawalingring range, which divides the Yangtze and Yarlung basins, the road is almost all paved.

Overnight: Jin Ou Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Pelyul to Derge, Detour Palpung Monastery

Today, the journey will be started by driving along the Jinsha River to a valley junction that the trail leads to Palpung Monastery , which is one of the 6 Great Kagyu Pa sect monastery. It located on a small hill at the valley junction with altitude of 3450 meters. After visiting this site, we will return to the main road, and drive to Derge County .

Overnight: Ying Jin Yuan Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Derge Visit

Derge County is regarded as the cultural, heart of Kham. It was the capital of Derge kingdom in ancient time. Today we will visit Targyel Lhakhang, a small hall that was built in memory of Padmasambhava . Then we will explore Derge Printing House, which is still to use the traditional way to print Santra and Tantra, supplying the needs for all over Kham, as far as the east central Tibet of Chamdo and the north and south of Amdo.
Overnight: Ying Jin Yuan Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner

Derge to Garze ( Kanze)

We’ll drive over the highest pass of this trip, Mt. Trola (5,050 meters), if the Tunnel would be open we will drive through the tunnel which will save a couple of hours that we could enjoy the view of beautiful Yilhun Lhatso (Xinlu) Lake. The road is well paved after Manigango, we will head east, en route stop by visit to Dargye monastery, a Geluk Pa sect monastery

Overnight: Tang Gu La Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Garze ( Kanze) to Danba

Today we will drive on the road we came through, at Bamei Town , we will turn northeast, after driving for about 10 km, we will stop by to visit a monastery of Gatar Shangbalin, which the 7th Dalai Lama used to cultivate himself according to a religious doctrine, then to the birth place of 11th Panchen Lama. Then we’ll drive about 30 minutes onto the range of Yarla yartso mountain where we can enjoy the stunning view of Mt. Yarla Yartso. Then after we will continue to follow the Donggu River crossing through the narrow and deep Donggu valley to Danba County , which is the Kingdom of the Ancient Watching Towers . we will drive to the Dzong-lu village to view from distance on the traditional building of Tibetan of “Pill box.” which is hidden deep in the high mountains and dense forests, hundreds of blockhouses are endowed with a sense of mystery. The Dadu River flows south through Danba. Towers were built hundreds of years ago, for defense purposes and passing messages between different villages. The height of these stone-built military structures are often above 30 meters with the tallest tower measuring 60 meters high. Looking from afar, the scenery of the groups of towers and castles standing in the gorgeous Danba valley is breathtaking. We will spend the night at local Tibetan Style hostel

Overnight: Tibetan Home-stay| Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Danba to Chengdu

The road curves in the mountain, there is one last mountain we will cross over, then descending from the mountain to reach the fertile land of Chengdu Basin, after arrive in Chengdu, check in, rest

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Hotel | Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner


Chengdu departure

Today, your trip ends. We will drive you to airport or train station for your departure

Overnight: Not included | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner

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Kham Sacred Sites
Gatar shangbaling monastery
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