Xinduqiao Town
Xinduqiao Town

Kangding was the first town for entering Tibetan plateau from Chengdu. People may not get the feel of Tibetan when arriving this rapidly developed Tibetan city; however, when continually drive to Xinduqiao town, which is 72 kilometers west from Kangding, you will get the feel of Tibetan.

The Highway from Chengdu to Kangding is almost completed, this newly built highway shall tremendously shorten the drive hours between Chengdu and Kangding from previously 8 – 9 hours to 3 -4 hours; another newly planned highway will connect Kangding and Xinduqiao town through a tunnel of Mt Dzetuo (4230m), which could shorten the drive to 1.5 hours from currently 3 hours, more than that, one train station is now being built at Xinduqiao town.

In the not far future, there will be three options for you to choose for getting onto Xinduqiao, flight, train and highway;

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