Apply Tibet Travel Permits

Apply Tibet Travel Permits

How to Apply Tibet Travel Permits?

It, as a matter of fact, won’t be a serious issue for any visitor or tourist to obtain Tibet Travel Permit. The travel agent, which you confirm a tour with, shall be responsible of applying Tibet Travel Permit; No matter how hard the process of applying Tibet Travel Permits could be, it’s what your travel agent is supposed to do, Not you. What tourist or visitor need to do is just simply to provide the truthful personal information – copies of passport and Chinese Travel Visa; Note: For those, whom will travel to Tibet from Neal, just passport copy only, why? please view our the last post

Other than the copies of chinese visa and passport, there is one other document for the holder, whom has one of three different chinese visa or documents, to provide:

-1, Foreigners, who live in China with green card, need to provide a copy of their chinese greent card;

-2, Foreigners, who work in China with work Visa, need to provide the Company Letter from which they work for within China;

-3, Foreigners, who study in China, need to provide a copy of their student certificate

Now, we understand that visitor and tourist do not need to apply Tibet Travel Permits but your travel agent, and what you need to do is to provide documents as below listed:

1), Foreigners, who come from abroad, need to provide the copies of their china travel visa and passport; And passport copy only for those, whom will go to Tibet from Nepal;

2), Foreigners, who live, or work, or study in China, need to provide the copy of their chinese green card, or work-visa, or student certificate other than their chinese visa and passport copies


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