Luding Iron Bridge | 泸定铁索桥

Luding Iron Bridge | 泸定铁索桥 is a Iron-chain bridge across Da-du river dates back from the Qing dinasty. It was the important bridge for crossing over the Da-Du river in order to get onto Kangding and the east Tibetan Plateau.

Luding Iron Chain Bridge was built in 1706 according to the requirement of Kangxi Emperor in Qing Dynasty, which is the first chain bridge over the Da-du River. The design of bridge is ingenious and its structure is peculiar. The bottom of the bridge floor is made up of nine iron chains, and place wooden plates on the surface. Two iron chains are used as protection fence separately on both sides. The bridge is 102 meters long and 3 meters wide. The vigorous and original 3 big letters Luding Bridge written by Kangxi Emperor in Qing Dynasty that is well preserved so far. The Iron Chain Bridge is not only famous for its traffic strategic pass but also famous for the Luding Bridge Battle launched by the Chinese Red Army in 1935 on the Long March. Luding Bridge was classified as the State preserved cultural relic by the State Council in 1961.

Address & Contact

Add: Cheng-Wu Road, Luding | 泸定县,成武路
Contact : +86 836 312-5432


1,310 meters above sea level

Opening hour

08:30 am – 18:30 pm

Entrance fee

Adult: RMB 10.00 per ticket
Child: RMB 5.00 per ticket

Luding Iron Bridge Location

How to get there

Luding Iron Bridge | 泸定铁索桥 is located in Luding County, which is about 100 kilometer about 2 hours drive from Kangding airport

By flight

There are daily flight between Chengdu and Kangding, then switch to local vehicle to get to Luding county

By long distance bus

Chengdu to Luding, then to Moxi : The bus departs for Luding separately at 08:30 am , 10:00 am , 12:00 pm , 13:10 pm, 14:00 pm, with rate of RMB 120.00 per person; There are another two buses leave for Luding from ShiyangChang Bus station at 11:00 am , 12:40 pm, with rate RMB 118.00 per person; once arrive in Luding, swtich to local minibus to Moxi with rate of RMB 20.00 per person

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