Mt Gongga | 贡嘎山

Mt Gongga | 贡嘎山 is also called Mt. Minya Gangkar OR Mt. Minya Konka. Here, “Minya” means the area that local Kangpa people lives; Gongga or Gangkar or Konka means the highest snow mountain, and also the white ice mountain. Mt Gongga is a snowy peak with narrow ridges that dominates the region in height, as few other peaks surpass 5000 meters. It is visible from Chengdu, Sichuan Province’s capital city, approximately 360 kilometers east of the mountain.

The trek to the mountain holds spectacular scenery, winding through towns and hamlets that are seemingly as ancient as the mountains themselves. At an elevation of 3,750 meters, a 600-year old Buddhist monastery Gongga Monastery, situates at the base of the Minya Gongga.

The peak of Mount Gongga with an elevation of 7556 meter, which is the highest mountain in the east Tibet of Kham and Amdo. The quiet mountain ridge is adorned with big snowfall into the crystal domes and jade halls. A huge ice-bridge make the visitors seem to enter the Crystal Palace in a myth. Especially unique large ice-fall, 1,000 meters in height, over 1,100 meters in breadth.

Address & Contact

Add: East of Kangding city


The trekking start from 2,900 meters
The highest point of trekking route 5,050 meters

Opening hour

Full day

Entrance fee

Free of Charge

Mt Gongga Location

How to get there

Mt Gongga | 贡嘎山 is at the west of Kangding city at the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a very large mountain range, stretching in the Kangding, Luding, Kowloon and others, including a number of scenic areas, such as Hailuogou Glacier (海螺沟), Wu Xu hai(伍须海), HongshiTan Park(红石滩公园), etc., of which are all belong Mt Gongga.

In General, there are two ways to get in this enormous region.

By flight

The Kangding Airport is the nearest airport to the scenic areas of this mountain, the drive from Kangding airport are:

  • To Laoyulin Trek start : 65 kilometers , about 1.5 hours drive
  • To Shangmuju village : 165 kilometers , about 3.5 hours drive

“Laoyulin Trek start” is on the north of Mt Gongga
“Shangmuju village” is on the south of Mt Gongga, it is also the end of the road that approaching Mt Gongga the most

By long distance bus

  • Departure from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus station : Daily, from 07:00 am – 14:00 pm, there will be one bus departure each hour, full ride takes 7-8 hours; Bus station official Consulting contact : +86 28 8544-6979, 8543-3609
  • Departure from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus station : one departure only at 09:00 am, full ride takes 7-8 hours

Be advised : the actual running time may be vary, it could be much longer than expected when any traffic jam happens
Ticket rates: RMB 110.00 – 130.00 per person, it depends on vehicle type

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