Labrang Monastery Noon Lesson
Labrang monastery noon lesson

Labrang monastery Noon Lesson begins almost at 12:00 o’clock everyday except Sunday;

When time is approaching 11:50 am ,  two monks come to the roof top of the assembly hall and blowing Conch, the sound is a single to tell the monk students gathering together in the main hall.

The monks students are generally separated as two parts. Each part is leaded by one Teacher, all this is to proceed in the big yard of
 assembly hall, approximately 5-8 minutes all students are there, after rechecking by teachers, monk students will be guided into 
 assembly hall and be seated on the seats begin praying, while having their lunch.

When monk students walk into assembly hall, local Tibetan whom want to pray together with monks and learn usually remove their shoes and following monks entering the hall and sit  by the side of hall. 

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