Qinghai Travel Ban
qinghai travel ban

Qinghai Province has recently announced Qinghai Travel Ban on several national level nature reserves, including the Yellow River Source Area of Eling lake and Zha Ling Lake in Mado county; Nyempo Yurtse in Jigzhi county, Bird island and Sand island of Qinghai lake, Mt Qilian

In recent years, the rapaidly developed tourism and outdoor activities have become more popular in those region, in which visitors have poured in that results envirment damage, the left garbage and related activities of supplying has polluted local pasture and water sources. also the local wild life have been impacted by the approaching visitors.

In order to protect the local nature environment, Qinghai local authority has made the decision and activate the travel ban on those urgently protection-needed area; the reopen time is not for sure for the moment.

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