Gomar Gompa | 郭麻日寺

Gomar Gompa is also known as “Guo Ma Ri Gompa”. It was built in 1741, and is not far from Wutun monastery, crossing through the Long Wu River, climbing on a high slop, you will reach at Guo Ri Ma village which is built with soil and stone. the villagers are all Tu minority people;

The village was actually military compound, built in 7th century, it is a sealed rectangular structure, its length is 260 meters from east to west, its width is 96 meters from south to north, it covers a total 2,496 square meters, there are three doors on the East, West, and South. The east gate is the formal gate that was made in Red copper. One of the features of this castle like village is that there are Praying wheels on the top of the each door; Inside of it, each unit is a house for a family, the wall of the buildings are quite similar as Turkish and Islamic style.

Gomar Kalachakra pagoda is a magnificent pagoda located on the top of the hill that you can see from the village. This Kalachakra pagoda was founded by the Abbot in 1994, it is a 5-storey building, with height of 33 meters. Its base is a one circular praying wheels for pilgrims to praying; the modeling of this pagoda is a replication of the Kalachakra that Sakyamuni first turned at Deer Court of Porone City of ancient India. It took 5 years to complete, and filled with the beloings of the 10th Panchan Lama inside of this pagoda. The artistic and architectural standard of this building are much higher than the normal monasteries in other region.

Gomar monastery had one assembly hall, one Maitreya hall, one Dharmapala hall, and one Ang-qian Zha Cang, approximately 209 rooms, and 105 dorm rooms for monks, it occupies about nearly 100 acres, and housed more than 300 monks. It was damaged during 10 years culture revolutionary in 20th century; after 1981 Gomar gompa is open for public and there are now about 80 monks, the pilgrims are mostly from Guo Ri Ma village

Address & Contact

Add : Guo Ma Ri village, Nianduhu county | 同仁县年都乎乡郭麻日村
Phone: +86 973 879-5001
5 kilometers north of Tongren county


2,420 meters above sea level

Opening hour

08:00am – 18:00pm

Entrance fee

RMB 10.00 per person

Gomar Gompa Location

Gomar Gompa | 郭麻日寺 Festival

It begins on the 9th day of the 1st Month in Chinese Lunar calendar annually

Monk Debating Class Schedule

  • Morning: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, 2 hours
  • Morning: 17:00 am – 19:00 pm, 2 hours
  • From Monday to Friday

How to get here

By foot it takes about 30 minutes hike from Wutun Monastery to Gorma Gompa
By bus The mini bus depart from Wutun Monastery to Gorma Gompa, with rate: RMB 30.00 per person
By rent vehicle Start from Tongren county, the cost is usually RMB 80.00 one way, 150.00 round trip, it depends on the vehicle type

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