Tongren County | 同仁县

Tongren County, also known as Repkong, has an area of 3465 square kilometers and a population approximately 90,000. Most of the populations are Tibetan. It becomes well-known for its Thangka art, monastery architecture, agricultural and mining community.

It is about 170 kilometers from Xining. There are more than 20 monasteries and temples in this county. Among of which Longwu monastery is the largest one. It is also well-known as a center of thangka painting. The Tongren Art, also Repkong art which has been named to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2009.

Tongren county was built around the Longwu Monastery date back in 1300. The town and Monastery were both widely expanded during the Ming Dynasty. Today, the monastery is the home of three separate academic institutions, houses more than 600 monks, and welcome visitors from around the world.
In additon to visit Longwu monastery, Wutong Monastery which is 14 kilometers away east from Tongren county is another site that visitors visiting frequently for its numerous Thangka paintings created by the monastery’s monks and local villagers. Although many of the original pieces were destroyed in the fallout of the Cultural Revolution during 1950s of 20th century, however, the style and beauty that once was still lives on with the current artistically talented monks and local villagers. Those fine Thangkars take weeks, or few months or even a couple years to create, and this is reflected in the price as well as their vividly details. A large piece of Thangkar can be sold for upwards of RMB 100,000.00 or more (approximately US$ 15,000.00), the smaller piece is usually at price from few hundreds of RMB to thousands of RMB. There is still plenty of fashionable clothing sold in the market in addition to those thangkars

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Tongren Accommodation

In general, it is no problem to get a place for overnight when travel around in this region; there are more than 35 hotels and numerous Tibetan home-stay choices; among of which, the best hotel is Huan Nan hotel
Address: No. 8, Zhong shan Road;
Contact: +86 973 8722684;
Room rate is from RMB 70.00/150 .00– 300.00/400.00 per room per night including two Chinese style breakfast;
When arrive in Tongren county, follow the north bank of Longwu river, Not crossing the bridge to entering the center of the town, follow the road continuing drive for about 1-2 kilometers, on the left, a small road leads up to this hotel, which is situated on the half of the mountain, almost facing to Long Wu Monastery, with a great view of Long Wu river valley; the room rates are vary and it depends on the building of the hotel that you will choose to stay; It is recommended to make a early booking for staying in this hotel;

Yun Long Hotel ( Cloud Dragon hotel )

Add: De He Long North Road | 同仁县, 德合隆北路
Contact: +86 973 8726866 / 8726296
Rate reference: RMB 200.00 – 300.00 per room per night
Feature: Wi-Fi, free phone call for all numbers in China

Hong Feng De Hotel

Add: Ying Bin Avenue | 同仁县, 迎宾大道
Contact: +86 973 7700111
Rate reference: RMB 280.00 – 480.00 per room per night
Feature: Wi-Fi

Nuoerbang Travel Inn

Add: Xue Lian East Road | 同仁县, 雪莲东路
Contact: +86 973 8726999
Rate reference: RMB 200.00 – 300.00 per room per night

Xiang Yun Quality Hotel

Add: Ying Bin Road |同仁县 隆务镇迎宾路
Contact: +86 973 7700999
Rate reference: RMB 150.00 – 480.00 per room per night

Regong Siheji Guesthouse

Add: De He Long South Road, Tongren County | 同仁县 隆务镇,德合隆南路
Contact: +86 973 8797988
Rate reference: RMB 120.00 – 200.00 per room per night

Regong Education Hotel

Add: De He Long Middle Road, Tongren County |同仁县,隆务镇,德合隆中路
Contact: +86 973 8797378
Rate reference: RMB 150.00 – 200.00 per room per night

Tongren Long Distance Bus Station

Add : No. 51, Dong Shan Road | 同仁县东山路51号
Contact: +86 973 872-2014
Working Hour: 08:00 am – 21:00 pm
Altitude : 2480 meters above sea level

Distance from Tongren to

  • To Xining : 168 kilometers, about 2.5 hours drive
  • To Labrang monastery : 115 kilometers, about 2.5 hours drive
  • To Lanzhou : 315 kilometers, about 4.5 hours drive
  • To Da Wu : 365 kilometers, about 9.5 hours drive
  • To Yushu : 950 kilometers, about 13 hours’ drive

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