Xining | 西宁

Xining means “peace in the west”, is the capital of Qinghai province, and the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau. It has 2.2 millions inhabitants with altitude of 2,295 meters above sea level, and history of over 2,100 years. It has a cold semi-arid climate and acting as the major gateway to the Tibetan Plateau by railway ever since the accomplish of Qinghai – Tibet Railway in 2006. It also connected with Lanzhou of Gansu province, and Urumqi of Xinjiang Ugur prefecture by speed train, which makes Xining regaining its glory of being one “traffic hub” as it was on the Silk Road in ancient time;

Brief History

Xining is a vital commercial hub along the “Hexi Corridor” on the Northern Silk Road caravan route to Tibet, handling especially timber, wool and salt in ancient times. for over 2,000 years. It had wars lasting from hundreds of year Tu-Yu-Hun and Tibet during the 7th and early 8th century. In 763, it was overrun by the Tibetans and while under Tibetan ruleing, was known as “Qiang-Tang”. However, it was taken by the army of Song dynasty in 1104 and finally made the peace, hence, it received the name “Xining” (Peace in the west). It was also a stronghold for Chinese resisting against nomadic attacks from the west in the Han dynasty, Sui dynasty, Tang dynasty, and Song dynasty.

In the late 16th century, the Ta’er Monastery (kumbum monastery) was founded 19 km to its southeast suburb which is one of the 6 Great Gelug Pa monasteries, and making it as an important religious center outside of the Central Tibet, currently called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)

Xining Location

Recommended hotels

Xining has become an important hub for traveling onto the central Tibet since the opening of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. A large number of tourists, business men…etc, pouring into this city that brings a lot of chance to develop. Hence, it tremendously increase and improve the local supply in aspects of accommodation, restaurant, transportation…etc;

The change of this city is huge, in the following content we have selected some hotels at different category including, luxury, middle class, and economy,

5 star hotels

Qinghai Hotel
Add: No. 158 Huang He Road
Contact: +87 971 614-8991/614-8999
Sofetel Xining Hotel
Add: No. 63, Wu-Si West Road, Cheng Xi District
Contact: +87 971 766-6666
Yinlong Hotel
Add: No. 38 Huang He Road, Cheng Xi District
Contact: +86 971 616-6666

4 star hotels

Enraton International Hotel
Add: No. 59, Dong Guan Street, East District
Contact: +87 971 816-0999
Qinghai Jianyin Hotel
Add: No. 55, Xi Da Street, Cheng Zhong District
Contact: +86 971 826-1887
Baofeng International Hotel
Add: No. 139, Xi Guan Street
Contact: +87 971 765-9817

3 star hotels

Lavande Hotel
Add: No. 71, Wu-Si West Road, Hai-hu New District
Contact: +87 971 411-3777
Jun Yue Hotel
Add: No. 103, Chang Jiang Road,
Contact: +87 971 820-0911
Lete Hostel | 理体青年旅舍
Add: 15th-16th Floor; Building No. 5, International Apartment, Jian Cai Alley,
Contact: +87 971 8202080

How to get there

By flight

Cao-Jia-Pu Airport is located in Huzhu County, Haidong, about 30 kilometers east of the city
Contact: +86 971 8133333

By Train

Xining Train Station has been rebuilt, which now can host high-speed train and standard train service
Address: Jian Guo Road, Cheng Dong Distrcit
Contact: +86 971 12306

Long Distance Bus Stations of Xining

Xining Bus Station is a 1st Class passenger transport station of National Level of Qinghai Province. It is administrated by Qinghai Automobile Transport Group Co., Ltd. It is the largest passenger and travel distribution service enterprise in Qinghai province, and also with the most extensive business area. There are three sub-stations and one small cargo express Center under its Administration, of which are: Xining Bus Central Terminal, Xinning Road Terminal, Nanchuan West Road Terminal, and Silver Deer Small Cargo Express Center.

Xining Bus Central Terminal | 西宁汽车站客运中心(旅游集散中心)

Mainly engaged in transporting line from Xining to Haidong, Haixi, Hainan, Haibei, Yushu and provincial lines.
Add: East of Xining Train Station Plaza | 西宁火车站广场东侧 ; It can be reached by bus line: 17, 22, 33, 35, 105 and 106
Contact: +86 971 633-3006 / 633-3022 (service line)
Operating Destinations to:

Provincial Line (1st class)
Lanzhou (兰州)Jingtai (景泰)Baiying (白银)Luoyang (洛阳)Yingchuan (银川)
Cang Nan (苍南)Sichuan Nanbu (四川南部)Fu Gu (府谷)Gu Yuan (固原)Wuhan (武汉)
Chang Yuan (长垣)Xu Chang (许昌)Ping Liang (平凉)Han Zhong (汉中)Chongqing (重庆)
Provincial Line (Regular class)
Lanzhou (兰州)Lin Xia (临夏)He Zuo (合作)Xia he (夏河)Ji Shi Shan (积石山)
Liu Jia Xia (刘家峡)Yao Jie (窑街)Wu Wei (武威)Min Qing (民勤)Tai An (秦安)
Xi An (西安)Xi Feng (西峰)Nan Yang (南阳)Zhen Ping (镇平)Dunhuang (敦煌)
Zhangye (张掖)
Haixi Direction
Chaka (茶卡)Dulan (都兰)Xiang Ri De (香日德)Xiang Nong (香农)
Nuo Nong (诺农)Golmud (格尔木)Wulan (乌兰)Keke (柯柯)
De Ling Ha (德令哈)Da Cai Dan (大柴旦)Hua Tu Gou (花土沟)Tian Jun (天峻)
Haibei Direction
Qie Lian (祁连)Xi Hai (西海)Gan Zi He (甘子河)Gang Cha (刚察)
Re Shui (热水)Niao Dao (鸟岛)Mo Le (默勒)Men Yuan (门源)
Hainan Direction
Gong He (共和)Long Yang Xia (龙羊峡)Xinghai (兴海)Shi Nai Gai (石乃亥)
Wa Yu (哇玉)Ban Duo (班多)Sai Shi Tang (赛什塘)
Haidong Direction
Min He (民和)Le Du (乐都)Hua Long (化隆)Xun Hua (循化)
Gan De (甘德)Bei Shan Lin Chang (北山林场)
Yushu Direction
Yushu (玉树)Qumarleb (曲麻莱)Nangqen (囊谦)Chendo (称多)
Zadoi (杂多)Zhidoi (治多)
Guoluo Direction
Da Wu (大武)
Huangnan Direction
Kanbula (坎布拉)Tongren (同仁)
Public Transportation
Datong (大通)Ping An (平安)

Xinning Road Terminal | 新宁路客运站(旅游集散中心)

Add: No. 19, Xinning Road, Xining | 西宁市 新宁路19号 ; It can be reached by bus line: 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 18, 24, 25, 31, 40, 58, 82, 106, 108
Contact: +86 971 615-5795 / 615-5800 (service line)
Operating Destinations to:

Province Line (1st class)
Datong (大通)Huang Yuan (湟源)Huang Zhong (湟中)Hu Zhu (互助)
Ledu (乐都)
Province Line (Regular class)
Provincial Line (1st class)
Lanzhou (兰州)
Provincial Line (Regular class)
Lanzhou (兰州)

Nanchuan West Road Terminal | 南川西路客运站(旅游集散中心)

Mainly engaged in transporting line from Xining to Guolo, Nan Xiang directions within Qinghai province scheduled lines.
Add: No. 48, Nanchuan West Road, Xining | 西宁市 南川西路48号 ; It can be reached by bus line: 7, 12, 13, 20, 23, 27, 32, 33, 80, 105, 108
Contact: +86 971 624-2241 / 624-5327 (service line)
Operating Destinations to:

Haidong Direction
Ledu (乐都)Zhi Zha (支扎)
Hainan Direction
Guo Ma Ying (过马营)Guide (贵德)Tongde (同德)Guinan (贵南)
Guoluo Direction
Da Wu (大武)Da Ri (达日)Jigzi (久治)Banma (班玛)
Mado (玛多)Gande (甘德)
Huangnan Direction
Zaku (泽库)Ri Xiang (日乡)

Distance from Xining to

  • To Lanzhou: 220 kilometers, about 3 hours drive
  • To Golmud : 765 kilometers, about 8.5 hours drive
  • To Tongren: 165 kilometers, about 2.5 hours drive
  • To Yushu : 785 kilometers, about 10.5 hours drive
  • To Maqen: 420 kilometers, about 10 hours drive
  • To Labrang Monastery: 240 kilometers, about 4 hours drive

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