Long Wu monastery | 隆务寺

Long Wu monastery is also called Rongwo Monastery in Tibetan. It is located in Tongren county by the Rongwo River, which the monastery gains its name from. It was initially established as a three temple site in 1341 by Rongwu Samten Rinpoche, whose younger brother was the architect and designer of the temples.

Brief history – the major figures of Long Wu Monastery

-1), Shartsang Kaldan Gyatso (1607-1677) is recognized as the 1st Reincarnation of Rongwu Samten Rinpoche and is the founder of the monastery at the temple sites. He was in charge of to found the first temple of 3 Buddhas of Long Wu, then afterm the Golden Temple and other temples.

-2), Yarba Chogyi, whom was recognized as the 8th reincarnation in October 1991, built the Prayer hall, the Victory Stupa and the Stupas at the 4 corners of the monastery, he had the sayings of Buddha written in gold and commissioned the statues of Tsongkhapa.

-3), Shartsang Gyatso established the 1st monastic college,

-4), Tsennyi Tratsang, in which Buddhist dialectics is taught in 1630.

-5), Following Lobsang Trinley Longtok Gyatso, the Reincarnation of the 7th Shartsang Rinpoche, whom gradually expanded the colleges to the present, including the Tsennyi Tratsang, the Gyamat Tratsang (Lower tantric College or study/reading of the scriptures) and the Duikor Tratsang, a monastic college of the wheel of time also known as the college of Kalachakra, and the 10 syllable mantra.

Address & Phone

Add : De-He-Long South Street | 同仁县, 德合隆南路

Opening hour

08:00 am – 18:00 pm

Entrance fee

RMB 50.00 per person


2,500 meters above sea level

Long Wu Monastery Location

How to get there

Long Wu monastery | 隆务寺 is situated in the downtown area of Tongren County, which 165 kilometers south from Xining. This is the nearest city that has flights to connect many other cities of China; the drive is about 2.5 hours from Xining to Tongren.

By bus: the bus takes about 3 hours’ drive one way

  • The 1st departure is at 07:30 am, the last departure is at 17:30 pm
  • There is one departure every 45 minutes before 09:00 am
  • There is one departure every 30 minutes after 09:00 am

Tongren Bus Terminal

Add : Dong Shan Road, Longwu Town | 同仁县隆务镇东山路(热贡桥东南)
Contact : +86 973 872-2267


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