Samye Monastery | 桑耶寺

Samye monastery is the first Buddhist monastery of Tibet. It was built in the end of 8th century during the regime of 5th Tibet King Trisong Detsen(755-797) with history of more than 1,200 years.

Brief History

It was once an important Buddhist development center in Tibet. The construction was started from 762 AD and took about 12 years to complete. During the building, two Indian masters of Padmasambhava and Shantarakshita were invited to direct the construction. It is located by Lhasa River, from which Mindrolling Monastery is visible. It is about 40 kilometers north of Tsetang .

Four great pagodas in four colors of White, Red, Blue and Green facing the four corners of Samye main Hall. And another four temples called “ling” representing the four continents located in the vast ocean in the North, South, East, and West of Mount Meru surrounding it which makes Samye representing Mount Meru

Samye Monastery is also called the “Three Kinds Monastery”, because its assembly hall has three styles of Tibetan, Chinese Han and Indian.

Address & Contact

Add: Sang Ye town, Zha Nang county | 山南扎囊县桑耶镇
Contact : +86 892 736-2267

Opening hour

09:00am – 16:00pm

Entrance fee

RMB 45.00 per person


3,580 meters above sea level

Samye Monastery 桑耶寺 Location

How to get there

-1), Direct bus from Lhasa to Samye monastery

  • Departure at 08:00am | Return at 14:00pm
  • Bus rate: RMB 50.00 per seat
  • Stop by Tandru monastery and Yongbu Lakang

-2), Bus from Lhasas West Bus Station to Samye Ferry, then by boat crossing through Yarlung Tsanpo River then by little bus to Samye monastery

  • Lhasas West Bus Station to Samye Ferry, rate: RMB 50.00 per seat
  • Yarlung Tsanpo Boat rate: RMB 20.00 per seat
  • by little bus to Samye monastery: RMB 25.00 per seat

-3), From Tsetang to Samye monastery

  • from bus stop next to Moonlight hotel, multiple departures
  • Rate: RMB 25.00 per seat

Major Events

Vajracchedika Dance Twice a year

  • on the 10th day of the 1st month of Tibetan Calendar
  • on the 15th – 16th day of the 5th month of Tibetan Calendar

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