Yongbu Lakang | 雍布拉康

Yongbu Lakang is also known “Yongbu Lhakhang“. It is the 1st palace of Tibet with history of over 2,000 years, and being built for Princess Wenchen to live when Princess Wen-Chen of Tang Dynasty married to Tibet King Songtsen Gampo . Yongbu Lakang now still houses statues of Tibet King Songtsam Ganpo and Princess Wen-Chen.

The palace is more like a castle stands on a hill on the eastern bank of the Yarlung River, approximately 160 kilometers southeast of Lhasa and just within 10 kilometers south of Tsetang county. It is separated into front and rear parts which the front part is a three-story building while the rear is dominated by a tall tower, like a watching-tower which the similar style building can be found in Danba county in the eastern Tibet of Kham

According to Bon tradition that Yungbu Lakang was erected in the 2nd century BC for the 1 st Tibetan king – Nyatri Tsenpo, who descended from the sky according to legend. Then after, Yungbu Lakang became the summer palace of the 33rd Tibetan king, Songtsen Gampo (604-650 CE). Yungbu Lakang finally became a shrine after Songtsan Gampo transferred the seat of his authority to Lhasa.


Tashi Ci-Ri mountain, 11 kilometers from Tsetang | 泽当镇东南11km处的扎西次日山上

Opening hour

09:00 am – 18:00 pm

Entrance fee

RMB 60.00 per person


3,550 meters above sea level

Yongbu Lakang Location

How to get there

Yongbu Lakang is some 11 kilometers south of Tsetang township, in general there are two ways to get there

  • By Taxi : it usually costs RMB 60.00 – 70.00 per trip
  • By Chartered vehicle: it usually costs RMB 100.00 – 150.00 for round trip for a 7 seats minivan
  • By bus: it takes about 1 hour ride, with rate of RMB 3.00 per person

From the entrance of Yongbu Lakang you can choose to walk up or to ride on the horse-back to get in; the fee for riding on horse back:
Ascending to the palace: RMB 20.00 per person per ride
Descending from the palace: RMB 10.00 per person per ride

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