Wutun Monastery | 五屯寺

Wutun monastery | 五屯寺 is composed by two monasteries that are about 10 minutes walk from one to another; Lower Wutun monastery (Sengeshong Yagotsang ) covers an area of about 80 acres, has one assembly hall, one Maitreya Hall, one Tea-house..etc; It is the larger one of the two, and has a beautiful and old Thangka outside the Maitreya Hall. Some Murals of this monastery survived by being covered with newspaper and political slogans. The monastery has a collection of more than 7,000 sutra including Kangyur and Tengyur; There are 8 white pagoda called “Enlightenment of eight pagodas”, all of which are built with the fund that is donated by the villagers

Upper Wutun monastery (Sengeshong Magotsang) was built in 1645, attached to Longwu monastery It has only one assembly hall, one Sakyamuni Buddha Hall and one Maitreya temple. its appearance is not with great look, instead, kind of normal; however, inside of the monastery is quite stunning with the lifelike statues of Buddhas in the dim light shining golden color; and almost all of the space has been filled up with countless murals and Thangka

Both monasteries featuring “Art School”, it has spread to all areas of Amdo, even today; the tradition of Thangkar art was severely damaged during the 10 year culture revolutionary in the last century; however, benefited by the dedication of few elderly masters whom have successfully restored and handed down to the new generations of Thangkar painting masters. The thangkar style are widely to follow the Tibet, but the infusion of culture including Mongolian, Tu poeple and chinese culture which distinct from Thangkars from other region, such as the central Tibet, and Kham. This is thought to be one evidence on a old saying that the orgin of Wutun people is from Western Tibet, probably a inherit branch of Guge Kingdom, and to have mingled over centuries with neighboring community


Wutun village, by No 203 Road | 同仁县吾屯村,同仁县东北5.5km


2,260 meters above sea level

Opening hour

08:00am – 18:00pm
Most of the halls are closed in the afternoon, it is recommended to visit the monasteries in the morning

Entrance fee

Upper Wutun monastery:
Free of charge for a walk in the monastery;
RMB 30.00 per person for entering the assembly hall
Lower Wutun monastery: RMB 30.00 per person

Wutun monastery | 五屯寺 Location

How to get here

By bus The mini bus depart from Tongren county from 08:00am to the afternoon 17:30pm, the ride takes about 20 minutes at rate: RMB 7.00 per person
By rent vehicle it usually cost RMB 80.00 one way, 150.00 round trip

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