Yarchen Gar Monastery | 亚青寺

Yarchen Gar Monastery is also known as Yaqing Temple, (Ya Qing Si in Chinese) is located an isolated valley with altitude of 3,900 meters above sea level in Pelyul County (Baiyu in Chinese), Kanze (or Garze) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Si-Chuan province, where the river Dzin-Chu flow through.

Currently, houses more than 10,000 Sangha, which is considered to be the largest concentration of nuns and monks in the Tibetan plateau after Larung Gar monastery. Most of the Sanghas are nuns. Among of those, about 7,000 nuns live in self constructed shacks on a 25 hectare flood plain near a river, and another 3000 around monks live on East side of the river in their own shanty town.

This monastery is almost at the center between Kanze county or Pelyul County, slightly closer to Kanze; Approximately 850 km (about 3 days) drive from Chengdu which has direct international flight to Europe and North America.

Yarchen Gar Monastery is one monastery with lineage of the Nyingma Pa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism . It was founded by The abbot Achuk Rinpoche in 1985.


A-Cha village, 7 kilometers from the Garze-Pelyul Road

Opening hour

Valleys: Full day

Entrance fee

Free of charge


3,950 meters above sea level

Yarchen Location


There are 2 monastery run guesthouse near the meditation area by the river; In addition, there are another 9 small guesthouses being run by local villagers; conditions of those guesthouse is quite basic;

Room rates is usually from 30 per bed per night to 200-300 per room per night

Yarchen Gar Major Events

Festival NameDateMonthCalendar
Patriarch Praying Pujafrom 15th to 21stthe 3rd Month Tibetan Calendar
Bliss Pujiafrom 4th to 11ththe 4th Month Tibetan Calendar
Vajracchedika Mask Dance Pujafrom 12th to 22ndthe 5th Month Tibetan Calendar
"Great circle wisdom" initiations and Inheritance Puja from 1st to 4ththe 9th Month Tibetan Calendar

How to get there

Yarchen Gar Monastery is seated on the grassland of A-cha village in Pelyul County. It is about 7 kilometers to the road intersection which leads 130 kilometers to Pelyul in the northwest, and 95 kilometers northeast to Garze (Kanze). There is no public transportation to this site.

The only possible way to get here is to rent local vehicle, and to get here;

The rental for a minibus (7 seats) usually costs RMB 400.00 – 500.00 per trip

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