Amdo Tours is to explore the enormous region of Amdo , which is the northern part of the East Tibet, The 10th Panchen Lama’s hometown. This vast Plateau is a happy land of wild creatures, the highest road and Railway is built on this land to connect Tibet and the inner land of China. It’s nature view is diversity, tradition of Geluk pa is different from those of which are in the central Tibet…., even in the southern, eastern Kham.

Qinghai lake is also called Kokonor lake, it is the largest inland salt – lake across China, the well-known bird-island is a “Paradise” for photographer and Bird-scientist to study different species birds. On its middle north, the Salt lakes is the largest resource in Qinghai Province, ranking first in China.

2020 Repkong Festival

Monlam festival that is held in Repkong
7 days

2020 Shaman Festival

The festival to Worship the Mountain God
6 days

Gansu South

The culture tour explores Zha Ga Na village
7 days

Tibet Silk Road

From Tibetan Plateau to Silk Road overland
12 days