Amdo the northern part of the East Tibet, 10<sup>th</sup> Panchen Lama's hometown. This vast Plateau is a happy land of wild creatures, the highest road and Railway is built on this land to connect Tibet and the inner land of China. It's nature view is diversity, tradition of Geluk pa is different from those of which are in the central Tibet....

Repkong Festival

2017 Repkong Festival

Repkong (Tongren) county is known as the “Homeland of Thangka.” One festival is
per person
7 days
Shaman Festival

2017 Shaman Festival

Shaman Festival is for local Tibetans to show their gratitude to the Mountain
per person
6 days
Tibet Silk Road Overland

Tibet Silk Road

Tibet Silk trip begins from Lhasa, the capital town of Tibet Autonomous Region,
12 days