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2019 Shaman Festival

Shaman Festival is for local Tibetans to show their gratitude to the Mountain God. The residents of Tongren, mainly Tibetan, and Tu people worship the Mountain God, which protects them. During this festival we will see this holy ritual, as well as the Town located in the valley of the hidden mountains.

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3 People: US$ 899.00 Per Person
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6-7 People: US$ 699.00 Per Person

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MonthDeparture dateDeparture date
2019 July18th22th

*This festival lasts 10 days, you are welcome to contact us for customized beginning date

Festival date: 2019 July 18th to 27th
Arrival Xining, Qinhai Province, China
Departure Xining, Qinhai Province, China
Activity Culture events, Festival
Group size Minimum 3 people, maximum 12 people
Vehicle For group 3-4 people, one 7 seats vehicle, View vehicle image
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  • When the tour is 6 people or more, the vehicle will be changed according to the group size

Licensed English-speaking guide
Accommodation based on double occupancy
Entrance fees to all sites listed in the itinerary
Arrival and departure airport transfers
Walking and driving tour per itinerary
Medical costs China visa fees
Personal expenses Single supplement

Arrive in Xining

Arrive in Xining, you will meet your guide at aiport or train station, transfer to your hotel, check in,

Xining to Repkong (Tongren)

In the morning, we will depart for Repkong, which is the “old” name of this county, currently it is called Tongren. The road to this county is well paved, it takes about 3 -4 hours to complete the drive. En route we will visit to Wutun village, and the monastery in this village.

Repkong (Tongren) - attending the festival

Today we will visit to Longwu monastery, which is the principal monastery of Tongren. It was originally constructed in 1301 by the Sakyapa master Sangda Rinchen and later re-constituted as a Gelukpa monastery by Shar Kalden Gyatso in the 16th century. It currently houses 9 temples and 400 monks. The festival will be also held in this monastery, we will follow and witness the whole process

Repkong (Tongren) - attending the festival

Today we will drive to Wutu village to witness the program; in the afternoon we will get to Sakkyi village to witness programs in this village

Repkong (Tongren) return to Xining

In the morning we will depart for return, after arrive in Xining city, we will visit to Taer (Kumbum) monastery

Xining departure

Your tour ends today, you’ll be drivenn to the train station or airport for your departure
2019 Repkong Festival Detail    
Location (village)DateMajor DateDance TypePiercing type
Si He JiJuly 18th-21stJuly 20thGod danceNone
Bao An Xia ZhuangJuly 19th-26thJuly 26thMilitary danceMouth & Back Piercing
Nian Du HuJuly 21st-27thJuly 26thGod danceMouth & Back Piercing
Shi Ha LongJuly 22nd-26thJuly 23rdGod danceNone
Nai Ze DongJuly 22nd-26thJuly 25thGod danceMouth & Back Piercing
Guo Me RiJuly 21st-26thJuly 25thMilitary danceBack Piercing
Nai Sha RiJuly 21st-26thJuly 26thMilitary danceMouth Piercing
Wu TunJuly 22nd-27thJuly 26thGod danceNone
Lang JiaJuly 22nd-26thJuly 24thDragon danceNone
Tie WuJuly 22nd-27thJuly 25thGod danceMouth Piercing
Jia Cang MaJuly 22nd-27thJuly 23rdGod danceNone
Su He RiJuly 23rd-27thJuly 27thGod danceMouth & Back Piercing
Huo Ri JiaJuly 23rd-27thJuly 24thGod danceNone
Ma Ba Ri ZaJuly 23rd-26thJuly 25thDragon danceMouth Piercing
Ma Ba Lu XiangJuly 24th-27thJuly 26thDragon danceMouth Piercing
Ma Ba Yin Zha MuJuly 24th-27thJuly 26thDragon danceMouth Piercing
Ma Ba Ha La Ba TuJuly 20th-25thJuly 23rdMilitary danceMouth Piercing
Ma Ba Dong Gan MuJuly 24th-27thJuly 27thGod danceNone
2018 Shaman Festival
shaman ceremony
2018 Shaman Festival updated

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