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2019 Katok Festival Tour Overview

Katok festival tour map overview

2019 Katok Festival will have been held in Katok Monastery , which one of the six ‘Great’ Nyingma Monasteries in Tibet. The date of 2019 Katok Festival will be updated in the end if this November or December.

Katok monastery was founded by Katok Dampa Deshek, who was the younger brother of Phagmodrupa in 1159. The monastery had a reputation for fine scholarships and produced some of the greatest scholars in Tibetan history. During this festival, the last day of 22nd July will be the day for unfolding Thangkar, however, this program (Unfolding Thangkar) might be changed in the last minute.

Tour Price Overview
2-3 People: US$ 1,790.00 Per Person
4-5 People: US$ 1,550.00 Per Person
6-7 People: US$ 1,360.00 Per Person

Departure Beginning day: 2019 August 4th

Festival date August 8th to 10th
Arrival Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Departure Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Activity Culture tour, Tibetan Festival,
Group size Minimum 2 people, maximum 12 people;
Private group departure is available, please Contact Us for Group departure price
Licensed English-speaking guide Transportation
Accommodation based on double occupancy Entrance fees
Arrival and departure airport transfers Breakfast
Tips on local guides, drivers, and hotel/restaurant staff
Medical costs China visa fees
Personal expenses Lunch and Dinner

August 4th Arrive in Chengdu

Arriving in Chengdu, meet your guide at airport, drive to your hotel, check in, rest;

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Grand Hotel | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


August 5th Chengdu to Xinduqiao

We will depart early, the drive to Kangding takes about7 – 8 horus, en route we will stop by some sites to stretch legs. Ya’an is a well-known location that grows excellent China Green Tea, we will visit local Tea planting field and see how people make tea. The we will visit to Luding Iron Bridge, we will keep driving, via Kangding onto Mt Dzeto (4324m) then descending to Xinduqiao which is a small Tibetan village that is well-known for its picturesque view, overnight here

Overnight: Jin Qiu Mu Ma Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 6th Xinduqiao to Garze (Kanze) County

Today, we begin our journey by driving to Lhagang town, where to visit Lhagang monastery and enjoy the great view of Lhagang pasture, then we will follow the valley the road curves onto Garze (Kanze) county, en route we will pass through Dawu County — a warm Tibetan town, its unique architecture make this town unique from other Tibetan towns. After a short visit to this beautiful town, we will continually head west to Luohuo County , and then drive along the road onto the Luo-guo-liang-dzi (4680m) to Garze (Kanze) County, which is about 3890 meters above sea level, we will visit to Garze monastery and Den Gonpa. overnight in Garze (Kanze)

Overnight: Tang Gu La Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 7th Garze (Kanze) to Pelyul County

There will be a 10 kilometers drive from Garze (Kanze) to the road junction that leads to Pelyul, from which we’ll head into the valley passing a rocky mountain. En route we will detour to visit Yarchen Gar Nunery Buddhist Accademy. Then we will again regain to the main road heading to Pelyul, which is located in the forest area and surrounded by mountains on both banks of the Jinshajiang River at the Sichuan-Tibet border in which some Tibetans of the patriarchal clan live.

Overnight: Jin Ou Grand Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 8th Pelyul to Katok Monastery – Katok Festival

We will drive along the east bank of Jinsar River heading south for Horpo village. Then, we’ll go in the forest valley, drive to the top of the hill, where Katok monastery located, and experience the mystery festival of Katok.

Overnight: Monastery Guesthouse (Condition is basic) | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 9th – 10th Attending Katok festival, Drive to Derge County

We will attend the festival during this two days. On the morning of August 2nd, if the weather permits, the ritual of unfolding the Great Thangkar Thangkar will be held in this morning. The great Thangkar will be carried by dozens of monks to the side slope of the mountain which face to the sky, around about 12:00 o’clock at noon, when the sunlight will be right at the Great Thangkar. The Katok Festival shall be ended after this ritual. Then after, we’ll depart for Deger, check in the hostel, and rest

Overnight: Ying Jin Yuan Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 11th Derge to Garze (Kanze) County

In the morning, we will visit to the three major sites of Derge printing house, Derge Gonchen monastery and Tangyel Lhakhang. Then afer, we will drive east to reach Mt. Trola, which is the highest point of this trip, the pass we’ll cross is 5,050 meters high. The view is superb and on the way we’ll stop by Yilhun Lhatso which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet. Its shores are covered with carved Mani Stone. The mountain and rocks surrounding the lake are said to be a divine form of the Cakrasamvara Mandala for those that have pure vision to see them.

Overnight: Tang Gu La Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 12th Garze (Kanze) County to Danba

The drive from Garze (Kanze) County to Bamei is the same one we just came through, we will go straight to Bamei, where we will explore the religious site of Garta Shangba Lin monastery that 7th Dali Lama spend years to meditate in this monastery. The land that this monastery located is with a shape of Lotus. Therefore this place is also called “Lotus village”. After visiting Garta Shangba Lin monastery, we will drive another 90 km to get to Danba. The road curves descending all the way from altitude of 3350 meters to 1900 meters through a narrow valley. You may feel the change of altitude. Danbais another Tibetan town that is hidden in the valleys that are splited by Dadu River and Jinchuan River. We will explore the very special building of Danba Watchtower in the valleys;

Overnight: Local Tibetan Home-stay | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 13th Danba to Chengdu

Today we will depart early to head back to Chengdu where we’ll explore the Old Street of Jinli and taste the local delicious food of “hot-pot” (please pay local).

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Grand Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


August 14th Chengdu departure

Today, your journey is ended, we will drive you to the airport for your departure

Overnight | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner

2018 Katok Festival Travel Route, Click to view detail

Katok Festival
katok monk mask
Katok Thangkar unfolding

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