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2020 Aba Festival

2020 Aba Festival is a traditional festival of Tibetan religion, also called Monlam, which means ‘Prayer.’ According to the legend, in the first month of the year, Buddha conquered and converted six holy men in false religions. This is the greatest religious festival, instituted by Tsongkhapa in 1409, whom is the founder of the Gelug pa sect.

The festival consists of two parts: the monk’s chant scripture and Religious celebration prayer ceremony. During the period, various large-scale religious activities such as chanting, Mask Dance, Banish Evile will be held. At that time, various religious prayer rituals, Buddha statues, Tibetan costume masks, drum, Thangka, butter flowers and other religious cultures and artistic treasures will be displayed.
“Thangkar Unfolding” is to carry out the huge brocade woven embroidered Buddha statues collected in the temple (usually rolled up for collection and protection) to let the pilgrims in worship.

This trip takes us onto the Tibetan Plateau in Aba County where to attend and witness the holy festival.

One departure only on February 3rd 2020

Festival Date 2020 February 6th to 9th
Arrival February 3rd Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Departure February 9th Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Activity Tibetan Festival, Kham tour
Group size

Minimum 4 people, maximum 16 people

Licensed English-speaking guide Entrance fees
Accommodation, double occupancy Breakfast
Transportation Visits per itinerary
Tips on guide, driver
Medical costs China visa fees
Personal expenses Lunch and Dinner
Date Program Monastery
2020 February 6th The Great Thangka Unfolding Kirti monastery
2020 February 6th Jonang-style Thangka Display Sege monastery
2020 February 7th Mask Dance Kirti monastery
2020 February 7th Mask Dance Gomang monastery
2020 February 8th Bon sect Circling Dance Nangshuk monastery
2020 February 9th Bon sect Mask Dance Nangshuk monastery

2020 February 3rd Arrive in Chengdu

After your arrival in Chengdu airport, you’ll meet your guide at airport, then drive to your hotel. You will have your time free after check in

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Grand Hotel | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 4th Chengdu to Miyaluo town

Today, we begin our journey by driving to Lixian, en route, we will detour Dujiangyan Irrigation system, then drive to Miyaluo town for overnight

Overnight: 4 star Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 5th Miyaluo town to Aba County

You’ll depart from Miyaluo town. The road is well paved road, and the view widens, while the paved road crosses the grassland. It is scattered with hundreds of thousands of yaks, sheep in summer time, and leading up to one unnamed mountain north to Aba.

Overnight: Paldzom Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 6th Aba County – Thangkar Unfolding day

Today is the “Biggest day” of Langmu Si Monlam Festival, The ceremony of Thangkar unfolding will be held on this day, we will get up early to attend this program

Overnight: Paldzom Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 7th Aba County

Today we will attend programs of Monk Mask Dance at Kirti monastery and Gomang monastery

Overnight: Paldzom Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 8th Aba County to Chengdu

Our visit to Aba festival ends today, we will drive about 550km in total. En route, you’ll enjoy the landscape of the Tibetan plateau, along Ming River to Chengdu via Li-xian.

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Grand Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


2020 February 9th Chengdu departure

Your tour ends today, you’ll be driven to the airport for your departure.

Overnight | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner

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