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Shangri La Travel

Shangri La Travel is a trip to the mythical kingdom in Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, which is thought to be hidden beyond snow covered peaks of the Himalayas, a permanently happy land, and isolated from the outside world.

Nowadays, there are two town and city that are named with “Shangri La” in Southwest China. One is Shangri La Town, it was named “Yading”, which means “A place facing the Sun”; Another one is called Shangri La City

However, this two places were both in the eastern Tibet of Kham . On this trip, we are going to visit both places, it is just like we travel onto Tibetan Plateau to look for the happy land of “Shangri-La” either in the real world or in your mind.

In addition to the places and sites on Tibetan Plateau, we will also visit the legend town of Lijiang

Departure Date Overview

MonthDeparture date
2020 February15th
2020 March15th
2020 April15th
2020 May15th
2020 June15th
2020 July15th
2020 August15th
2020 September15th
2020 October15th
2020 November15th
2020 December15th
Arrive Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Departure Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China
Activity Walking, Sightseeing, Photography
Group size

Minimum 4 people, maximum 16 people

Licensed English-speaking guide
Accommodation based on double occupancy
Entrance fees to all sites listed in the itinerary
Arrival and departure airport transfers
Walking and driving tour per itinerary
Medical costs China visa fees
Personal expenses Lunch and Dinner
Single supplement

Arrive in Chengdu

Meet your guide at airport or train station and go to your hotel to check in. In the afternoon a relaxing sightseeing visit to the traditional Chinese teahouse at People’s park.

Overnight: Minshan Lhasa Grand Hotel | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Chengdu to Xin Du Qiao

Today, We’ll begin our Shangri La journey by driving to Kangding , which is cradled along the raging Dzetuo River.We will stop in this “Gateway town” of going onto Tibetan Plateau for few hours, we will visit the Anjue monastery, and the walk along the streets in the center of this town. Then after, we will continually drive onto Mt Dzetuo (4323 meters), the first pass of this trip, and then descending all the way to Xinduqiao, which a small Tibetan town, becoming popular in recent years for its picturesque view

Overnight: Jin Qiu Mu Ma Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Xin Du Qiao to Shangri La Town

The road that to connect Litang from Xin Du Qiao has been rebuilt, tunnels are completed, it helps to travel much faster than ever to get to here, from which we turn to south onto Dzagar mountain, descending along the river-valley to a vast grassland, one Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan religion monastery is located by the east side of the road, a walking tour to this monastery. Then after we will arrive at Daocheng county, we continually drive to Shangri La Town, which was named “Yading town”, where the Yading Nature Reserve is located

Overnight: Wizard Aden Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Shangri La Town - Yading Nature Reserve visit

Yading means “A place facing the Sun” in Tibetan. Nowadays, this small town has been renamed as “Shangri La Town” becoming very popular and has been attracted to countless visitors from across of China as well as abroad.

Please not confused “Shangri La Town” with “Shangri La City” in Yunnan province, however, both “Shangri La town” & “Shangri La City” were in the traditionally the area of east Tibet of Kham

On today’s program, we will take local ECO-friendly bus to the cable car station,from where we will ascend to the valley with altitude of more than 4000 meters, then we will start to walk, en route we will enjoy the sutnnng view of three major holy peaks, including Chenerezig (Avalokitesvara, 6,032 meters), Jampeyang (Manjusri, 5,958 meters), and Chakna Dorje (Vajrapani, 5,958 meters). This three holiest mountains represent compassion, wisdom and energy, which are attributes that cultivate the path to enlightenment. Tibetan Buddhism believes that a Pilgrimage-Cora around these mountains bring merit. We will traverse a beautiful wooden pathway leading to the valley where the three holy mountains can be viewed. If a hike is too difficult for some clients, riding on a horse back is one alternative.

Overnight: Wizard Aden Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Shangri La Town to Derong

Today, we will depart in the morning, we shall first drive back to Daocheng, and then continually heading north onto a small village named Sangdui, from which the road leads into the valleys curving in the mountains to the southwest, we will arrive in Derong County in the late afternoon. Check in hotel, and rest

Overnight: Local hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Derong to Shangri La City

It takes about 3 – 4 hours to get to Zhongdian, which is also known as “Gyltang”. It is with altitude of 3,300 meters, and being official nameed “Shangri La City“. Once we arrive in this town we are going to visit the Sumtseling Monastery, the largest Tibetan Buddhist complex in the area currently housing 700 monks. It has an appearance of a small monastic town, and was originally constructed in the 17th century under the order of the Dalai Lama V.

Overnight: Old Town Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Shangri La to Lijiang

On the way to Lijiang, we are going to detour to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and then to Lijiang, which is the center of the Naxi people, a small, ethnic group with a rich culture. The “Old” Lijiang was an intimate mountain town built of stone and tile, filled with swift canals and has been put on the list of the world monument protected by UNESCO recently.

Overnight: Local 4* Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner



Visit the Baisha village, the ancient capital town of the Naxi Kingdom. In the afternoon, a walking tour of the Black Dragon Pond will be taken to look at the renowned Moon Embracing Pavilion. Then, after a visit will be arranged for you to explore this ancient town.

Overnight: Local 4* Hotel | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner


Lijiang departure

Your tour ends today, we will drive you to the airport for your departure

Overnight: Not included | Breakfast | Lunch and Dinner

Yading Nature reserve sites

Shangri La
Cheneri mountain
Daocheng village
Litang county
Litang monastery
wengjia monastery
Shangri La Travel
Shangri La Travel
Shangri La Travel

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