Trola Mountain Tunnel Open
Trola Mountain Tunnel Open

Trola Mountain Tunnel Open

Trola Mountain is located in the Kanze (Garze) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; it separates the Derge County from Kanze (Garze) County; It is 40 kilometers from Manigango, and 75 kilometers from Derge County; The journey from Manigango to Derge over Trola mountain pass usually takes 4 to 5 hours, among of which 2 hours is for driving over the Trola Mountain pass; the road is dirt road, and it was like this:

And Now along with the use of Trola Mountain Tunnel, the time for getting to Derge has been largely and safely shorten, it will only take less than 3 hours from Manigango to Derge. This shall tremendously help visitors to visit in the west of Kham

Facts of Trola Mountain Tunnel:

  • Trola tunnel Total length: 12.995 kilometers
  • Tunnel length: 7.079 kilometers
  • Connection part on both ends (total): 5.916 kilometers
  • Tunnel width: 9 meters | Tunnel height: 5 meters;
  • Two-way lane,
  • Design speed of 40 kilometers per hour


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