King of Gesar

King of Gesar and the Potala Palace

The Potala Palace contains a statue of King Gesar, who is widely recorded in the history, being chanted among the people since ancient times.

Due to the many negative spirits and demons of Tibet had not been fully conquered., Tibet fell into a state of anarchy. King Gesar, the superhuman warrior ruler of the Kingdom of Ling, was sent from heaven to accomplish his mission of conquer these evil sovereigns, In order to remedy this situation.

The Gods-on-High, such as Brahma, Indra, Amitabha, Samantabhadra, and Padmasambhava – the great magician and founder of Tibetan religion are in the collaborative to decide that a hero must be sent from the heavens to Tibet to conquer these demons. It was decided that the youngest son of Tshangs Pa should be sent. This godchild was not very keen on his mission, and even tried to evade it, but eventually agreed.

He is then born, with various celestial companions, in the Kingdom of Ling, which is located in Derge in the eastern Tibet of Kham.

One of his two uncles was wise and very aged elder of Ling Kingdom, whom known as the “old hawk”, supporting this godchild as he has received divine prophecies indicating the importance of this this godchild. The other uncle was cowardly and greedy mucker, who saw this godchild as a threat and tried to get ride of him.

His behavior is wild and fearsome, but divine by nature and full of supernatural powers. When he was five years old, he and his mother were banished from Ling Kingdom to the land of Ma, which is of the upper Yellow River region of Amdo, where they live a feral life, and the child is clothed in animal skins and wears a hat with antelope horns.

When he was twelve, a horse race was held to determine who became the King of Ling and to marry the beautiful daughter of a neighboring chieftain. The godchild returned to Ling, won the race, and married to the girl, and ascended the golden throne. He was called “Gesar” from then on.

After to defeat the “18 great forts”, when King Gesar was eighty, he shortly descended to Hell as the last experience before he left the earth of men, and ascending back to his paradise after his accomplishments.