Bamei August Pujia
Bamei August Pujia

Bamei August Pujia, August is the season that the Tibetan Buddhism Puja and and folk festival being held often in this small town, and its neighboring town of Tagong, which is only 30 kilometers east; The major Puja of Bamei is the Peaceful Puja that is held in the middle of August at Si hui village some 22 kilometers east of Bamei township

August is also the “hottest” time also in Bamei in a year; The temperature is about 28 – 30 degrees when directly being under sunlight, and a good pair of sunglasses is a must when visiting around, however, when you just walk into the shadow of the tree, it becomes much cooler and comfortable.

Few about Bamei county: Bamei county is with altitude of 3350 meters, seated at the junction of the road that goes Danba to the North, Kangding to the Northeast, and Kanze (Garze county) to the West. As to be one important transportation hub, this small town has many restaurants for its size; There are more than 12 guesthouses and hostels up there.

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