Danba Watchtower | 丹巴碉楼
Danba watchtower are mostly found in Supo, Zhonglu and Jiaju Townships, those are all downstream on the Da-du River. Although similar watchtowers can be found almost everywhere in the valleys of Danba county. But the greatest concentrations are in this three villages, with a history of more than 1,000 years.

Actually, ruins of Danba watchtower can also be found in the Western Hills in Beijing. During the reign of Qing Dynasty of Emperor Qian-Long, the Qing troops in Danba were astonished to find watchtowers with incredible defensive properties. When they returned to Beijing, they built replicas.

The watchtowers were built with mud and stone. Most are connected with civilian houses, but some were erected independently. They normally have four to eight sides, but up to 13 sides are possible. Generally, they are higher than 10 meters, with some rising to 30-60 meters. In wartime, they have a defensive nature, and a beacon-fire can be lit atop to call for reinforcements. Some were also built to dispel evil. To build a watchtower, a suitable lucky starting day will be chosen by divination. Of the mountain villages in Danba, Nyigyia, Geshizha and Badi townships are outstanding. Tucked away deep in the mountains, shaded by emerald trees, they are skirted by rippling streams.


The most visited villages

  • Zhong Lu village | 中路村
  • Jia Ju village | 甲居村
  • Suo Po village |梭坡村

Entrance fee

  • Zhong Lu village: RMB 30.00
  • Jia Ju village: RMB 50.00
  • Suo Po village: Free of charge

Opening hour

Full day


  • Zhong Lu village : 2,200 meters
  • Jia Ju village : 2,400 meters
  • Suo Po village : 1,950 meters

Danba Watching Tower Locations

How to get there

Zhong Lu village : The turning point for this village is about 7 kilometers in the northeast valley from Danba county, which actually connect to Xiaojin county, Mt Siguniang and Chengdu eventually. This village is also the spot for the best view of Mt Murdo which is the Holy mountain of Bon religion. There two sites in Danba county that you can take local vehicle to get there
one is the Danba Bus Terminal, it usually cost RMB 10-15 per person one way ride; another one is the new Danba bridge, it usually cost RMB 10.00 per person one way ride

Jia Ju village : It is located some 8 kilometers in the north of Danba County. The whole village covers about 5 square kilometers, and there are 149 Tibetan family live in this village. There is minibus rental at Danba Bus Terminal, it usually cost RMB 15-20 per person one way ride

Suo Po village : It is located in the valley that heading south via Wa-Si valley to the Luding Kangding Road. It is about 6 kilometers from Danba county. There is minibus rental at Danba Bus Terminal, it usually cost RMB 10.00 per person for one way ride

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