Bamei county | 八美镇

Bamei county is with altitude of 3350 meters, seated at the junction of the road that goes Danba to the North, Kangding to the Northeast, and Kanze (Garze county) to the West. As to be one important transportation hub, this small town has many restaurants for its size; There are more than 12 guesthouses and hostels up there.

It was the capital township of Dawu County (also Tawu), which had been moved to a large river valley on another 78 km westward. The whole town of Bamei is to be built along the road that is about 200 meter long. In Autumn, Tibetan from surrounding villages or the highland pasture comes to this town sell or trade the nature products, such like rare mushroom, fox fur….etc,

It is now the important point on the “West Ring Road of Sichuan Tourism” and “The 2 hours Mt Gongga Ring circle economic belt”. The Northern Sichuan – Tibet highway (G317) crossing through this town, with a main branch to reach Amdo via Sershul county

Bamei county Location

Bamei religious Site

Garthar Shangbaling , is a Glugpa tradition monastery. Located some 8 km north from its township by the road that connects to Danba; This monastery was built by 7th Dalai lama in the 18th century, whom also spent 7 years in this monastery for his meditation; and nearby is 10th Panchen Lama’s birthplace; the land is called “Lotus Land” due to its shape is the most likely a bloom Lotus flower

Recommended Hotels

Bamei Art Holiday Hotel | 八美艺家度假酒店

Add: The intersection of S303 & S215 | 八美镇 省道303和215交汇处
Phone: +86 836 715-5777

Moshi Park Folk Culture Hotel

Add: The Tourist Center, Bamei | 八美镇墨石公园景区游客中心
Contact: +86 836 715-5553

Si Fang Yuan Hotel | 四方缘大酒店

Add: No. 42, Qian Ning Road | 八美乾宁路42号
Contact: +86 836 715-5788

Lai Shan Guesthouse | 崃山酒店

Add: No. 58, Qian Ning Road | 八美乾宁路58号
Contact: +86 0 137-9578-5758

San bao Ruixiang Hotel | 三宝瑞祥商务酒店

Add: No. 69-6, Bamei Middle Road | 八美中路69-6
Contact: +86 836 715-5856

Ami Hostel | 阿咪客栈

Address: Que’er Village, Bamei | 八美镇雀儿村
Contact: +86 836 715-5926

Chuan Yu Hotel | 川渝酒店

Add: No. 110-1-2, Bamei Middle Road|八美中路110-1-2号
Contact: +86 836 715-5444

Feng Qing Hotel | 风情酒店

Add: No. 218, Bamei Street | 八美街218号
Contact: +86 836 715-5888

Yala Snow Mountain Hotel | 雅拉雪山大酒店

Add: No. 347, Bamei Street | 八美街347号
Contact: +86 836 715-5582

How to get to Bamei

The easiest and quickest way is to take flight from Chengdu to Kangding , then switch to local vehicle driving onto Bamei, which takes about 2 hours

By flight

Kangding Airport Facts
Contact: +86 836 282 7811
Altitude: 4,238 meters above sea level

By bus

Chengdu Xin Nan Men Bus station
Add: No. 2, Xin Nan Road | 新南路2号
Contact: +86 28 8543-3609
Altitude: 460 meter above sea level
Working hour: 05:30 am – 21:30 pm

Distance from Bamei county to

  • To Kangding : 105 kilometers, about 2.5 hours drive
  • To Lhagang monastery : 30 kilometers, about 1 hours drive
  • To Dawu county : 78 kilometers, about 1.5 hours drive
  • To Danba : 90 kilometers, about 2.5 hours drive
  • To Chengdu : 470 kilometers, about 9 hours drive

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