Xinduqiao | 新都桥

Xinduqiao also known as “Dzongzhab” in Tibetan Language. It is small town located in the open valley in which it lies straddles the intersection of four main roads, i.e

Due to its importance as of a traffic hub, it was a military outpost in the early and middle of 20th century. Nowadays, Benefited by the rapidly increased tourism, this town gradually becomes well-known for its picturesque view across China, and becoming a popular travel destination, especially for those whom are professional photographers and fans of photography.

It was just one small street, which now still remains, and with few very basic-condition dormitory style guesthouse. Now it has grown about 5 – 6 times bigger, and still being growing. Accommodation of hotels have been greatly improved, the Electric – Heating system ensure the stay is very comfort even in Winter time, though, to eat in the hotel attached restaurant may still cold due to the design almost of all are open and without heating system;

The elevation of Xinduqiao is about 3,300 meters above sea level, there is no prominent landmark however, there are more than 10 kilometers along the main road which is called the “Photographer-Corridor”;

The best light appears in the morning or at sun-set, standing on the hillside of the village, the entire valley is full of sight, when the sky is clouded, there will be wonderful light on the local Tibetan houses, poplar or slope,

Xinduqiao’s Tibetan dwellings are very characteristic, most of the houses are built of stone materials. There are very spacious white-walled courtyards and lacquered doors. There are three or four windows on each wall of each building.The window sills are painted the sun, moon or triangle pattern in the color of red, black and white, which symbolizing the flourishing of people and the richness of the grain.

Recommended hotels in Xinduqiao

Ming Yue hotel | 重庆明月酒店

Add: East End of Xinduqiao town, by G318 Road | 新都桥318国道旁
Contact: +86 836 286-8008

Jin Qiu Mu Ma hotel | 金秋牧马大酒店

Add: West End of Xinduqiao town, by G318 Road | 新都桥318国道旁
Contact: +86 836 2866888

Xiang Yun Hotel | 祥云大酒店

Address : Xin Er Villae, Xinduqiao | 新都桥镇 新二村
Contact : +86 836 286-7777

Fine Hotel | 梵音阿缦艺术酒店

Address : By G318 Road, Xinduqiao | 新都桥镇 国道G318旁
Contact : +86 836 777-7189

Yu Xin Hotel | 渝新大酒店

Address : Xin Er Villae, Xinduqiao | 新都桥镇 新二村
Contact : +86 836 286-7999

Chanel Star Dream Tourist Hotel 香奈星梦旅游酒店

Address : By G318 Road, Xinduqiao | 新都桥镇 国道G318旁
Contact : +86 836 286-9555

How to get to Xinduqiao

Xinduqiao is about 72 kilometers west from Kangding township, from which local buses or taxi are quite easy to be arranged to get to this beautiful town;

The closest airport is Kangding airport which is 48 kilometers east from Xinduqiao, wihtin 1 hour drive;

By flight: there are three daily flights from Chengdu to Kangding,then by taxi to Xinduqiao within 1 hour drive

By long distance bus: there are more than 4 buses departure from Chengdu Xin Nan Men bus station; there are another departures from Chengdu Cha Dian Zi Bus station,

Chengdu Bei Men Bus station and Shi Yang Chang Bus station, all the buses are with terminal of Kangding, and then switch to local small bus to Xinduqiao, the drive takes about 2.5 hours

By Train: the planned train is still under building, for the moment, no confirmed news about when the train will be completed

Kangding Airport Facts

Contact: +86 836 282 7811
Altitude: 4,238 meters above sea level

Chengdu Xin Nan Men Bus station

Add: No. 2, Xin Nan Road | 新南路2号
Contact: +86 28 8543-3609
Altitude: 460 meter above sea level
Working hour: 05:30 am – 21:30 pm

Kangding Bus Station Facts

Add : Qingge Ave, Kangding | 康定,情歌大道
Contact : +86 836 282-2211
Altitude : 2,650 meters above sea level
Working hours : 06:30 am – 19:30 pm

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