Tibet Overland Distance

Transportation has been tremendously improved nowadays in Tibet, Qinghai Tibet Railway has been in use for years, and there is railway connect Lhasa and Tibet, the new railway from Lhasa to Nyingtri and even further east to Chengdu is now planning to be built, however, the land transportation still dominate transporting across Tibetan plateau.

In the following you will find detail of how to get onto Tibetan plateau by land,

Yunnan to Tibet driving distance

The drive begins from Kunming, and ends at Lhasa. The total driving distance is 2487km

Driving destinationsDriving distanceDriving destinationsDriving distance
Kunming to Dali365kmRanwu to Pome129km
Dali to Lijiang196kmPome to Tongmai89km
Lijiang to Shangri La194kmTongmai to Nyingtri127km
Shangri La to Deqin190kmNyingtri to Bayi19km
Deqin to Markang224kmBayi to Bahe81km
Markang to Dzogong158kmBahe to Gongbujiangda46km
Dzogong to Bangda107kmGongbujiangda to Modzugongka206km
Bangda to Paksho94kmModzugongka to Lhasa68km
Paksho to Ranwu90km

En route, there is detour of Midui Glacier, and the beautiful Basongtso lake, the dirving distances to this two spots are listed below:

-1), Ranwu to Midui Glacier: 42km, including round trip hiking of 5km;
-2), Bahe to Basongtso lake: round trip driving 88km

Sichuan to Tibet Driving distance (Southern & Northern routes)

The drive begins from Chengdu, and ends at Lhasa. The roads are separated from Xinduqiao, which is 80km west from Kangding; the southern route is about 2246km in total; The northern route is 2410km

Southern Route  Northern Route 
Driving destinationsDriving distanceDriving destinationsDriving distance
Chengdu to Ya’an147kmChengdu to Ya’an147km
Ya’an to Luding168kmYa’an to Luding168km
Luding to Kangding49kmLuding to Kangding49km
Kangding to Xinduqiao75kmKangding to Xinduqiao75km
Xinduqiao to Yajiang74kmXinduqiao to Tagong30km
Yajiang to Litang143kmTagong to Tawu105km
Litang to Batang165kmTawu to Luhuo72km
Batang to Markang107kmLuhuo to Kanze97km
Markang to Dzogong158kmKanze to Dege210km
Dzogong to Bangda107kmDege to Jiangda109km
Bangda to Paksho94kmJiangda to Chamdo228km
Paksho to Ranwu90kmChamdo to Ranwu355km
Ranwu to Pome129kmRanwu to Pome129km
Pome to Tongmai89kmPome to Tongmai89km
Tongmai to Nyingtri127kmTongmai to Nyingtri127km
Nyingtri to Bayi19kmNyingtri to Bayi19km
Bayi to Bahe81kmBayi to Bahe81km
Bahe to Gongbujiangda46kmBahe to Gongbujiangda46km
Gongbujiangda to Modzugongka206kmGongbujiangda to Modzugongka206km
Modzugongka to Lhasa68kmModzugongka to Lhasa68km

Sichuan to Yunnan & Sichuan to Xining

Sichuan to Yunnan  Sichuan to Xining 
Driving DestinationsDriving DistanceDriving DestinationsDriving Distance
Chengdu to Ya’an147kmChengdu to Hongyuan445km
Ya’an to Luding168kmHongyuan to Langmu Si225km
Luding to Kangding49kmLangmu Si to Labrang168km
Kangding to Xinduqiao75kmLabrang to Xining251km
Xinduqiao to Yajiang74km
Yajiang to Litang143km
Litang to Daocheng156km
Daocheng to Xiangcheng116km
Xiangcheng to Derong220km
Derong to Deqin80km
Deqin to Shangri La190km
Shangri La to Lijiang194km

Lhasa, Nyingtri, Tsetang & Lhasa to Kathmandu

Lhasa, Nyingtri, Tsetang   Lhasa to Kathmandu  
Driving DestinationsDriving DistanceDriving DestinationsDriving Distance
Lhasa to Modzugongka68kmLhasa to Qushui60km
Modzugongka to Gongbujiangda206kmQushui to Yamdrok Lake50km
Gongbujiangda to Bahe46kmYamdrok Lake to Gyantse176km
Bahe to Basongtso88km(round trip)Gyantse to Shigartse91km
Bahe to Bayi81kmShigartse to Laze157km
Bayi to Gyatsa367kmLaze to Tingri89km
Gyatsa to Lhamo Lhatso218kmTingri to Rongphuk90km
Gyatsa to Tsetang248kmRongphuk to Tingri(old)150km
Tsetang to Samye120km(round trip)Tingri(old) to Nylamu208km
Tsetang to Lhasa170kmNylamu to Zhangmu30km
Zhangmu to Kodari12km
Kodari to Kathmandu80km

Xining to Lhasa driving distance

The drive begins from Xning and ends at Lhasa. The total driving distance is 1873km

Driving DestinationsDriving DistanceDriving DestinationsDriving Distance
Xining to Huangyuan51kmErdaogou to Tuotuohe67km
Huangyuan to Hema167kmTuotuohe to Yanshiping92km
Hema to Chaka80kmYanshiping to Tanggula100km
Chaka to Dulan125kmTanggula to Amdo84km
Dulan to Golmud301kmAmdo to Nakchu133km
Golmud to Nacitai86kmNakchu to Damshung160km
Nacitai to Mt Kunlun69kmDamshung to Namtso150km (round trip)
Mt Kunlun to Wutaoliang105kmDamshung to Yangpajing79km
Wutaoliang to Erdaogou83kmYangpajing to Lhasa91km

Lhasa to Kashigar & West Tibet

Lhasa to Kashigar  West Tibet round trip 
Driving DestinationsDriving DistanceDriving DestinationsDriving Distance
Lhasa to Qushui60kmLhasa to Qushui60km
Qushui to Yamdrok Lake50kmQushui to Yamdrok Lake50km
Yamdrok Lake to Gyantse176kmYamdrok Lake to Gyantse176km
Gyantse to Shigartse91kmGyantse to Shigartse91km
Shigartse to Laze157kmShigartse to Laze157km
Laze to Tingri89kmLaze to Tingri89km
Tingri to Rongphuk90kmTingri to Rongphuk90km
Rongphuk to Tingri(old)150kmRongphuk to Tingri(old)150km
Tingri(old) to Saga310kmTingri(old) to Saga310km
Saga to Paryang255kmSaga to Paryang255km
Paryang to Manarsaovar351kmParyang to Manarsaovar351km
Manarsaovar to Tachen30kmManarsaovar to Tachen30km
Tachen to Guge320kmTachen to Guge320km
Guge to Ali191kmGuge to Ali191km
Ali to Ritok130kmAli to Ritok130km
Ritok to Domar123kmRitok to Gerze303km
Domar to Dahongliutan337kmGerze to Nymar402km
Dahongliutan to Mazar267kmNymar to Bange405km
Mazar to Yecheng220kmBange to Namtso264km
Yecheng to Kashigar221kmNamtso to Yangpajing153km
Yangpajing to Hotspring12km(round trip)
Yangpajing to Lhasa91km