Tibet Weather

Tibet Weather is not as harsh as many people think. It is suitable for travel to central Tibet of Lhasa, Shigartse, Tsetang, Gyantse all year round. The other destinations of North, West, East are good to visit from March to December, and the best time is August, September, October, November.

From mid-July until the end of September the monsoon starts to impact parts of Tibet. Between July and August is when half of Tibet’s annual rainfall is. Travel to western Tibet is slightly difficult, the roads to the east are temporarily washed out and the Friendship Highway becomes impassable on the Nepal or the border.

Winter Travel:
Tibet is not a frozen wasteland during the winter, but has a surprisingly mild climate. The daily average temperature is around 8 degrees in Lhasa. It snows once a while and on most days in central Tibet where sun shines all the time. However, the temperature in winter in Tibet still varies sharply between the day and night.

Winter is also a good time to see different festivals, the colors of plateau’s vegetation changes. The weather is characterized by dry air, small puffy white clouds, blue skies, gorgeous sunshine lights and ancient streets populated with Tibetans wearing traditional costumes.