Choku Gompa | 曲古寺

Choku Gompa | 曲古寺(4,820 m) (also Qu Gu Gompa ), a kagyu monastery that is located in the cliff-face on the western bank of Lha Chu River, about 2 kilometers from Tarpoche. It was founded in the 13th century as a shrine, and houses a white stone statue of Buddha Opame and a sacred silver embossed conch shell, said to have belonged to Milarepa. The founder of Choku Gompa was Gotshangpa Gompo Pel, whom was a Drukpa Kagyu disciple of Tsangpa Gyare, the orignal Guru and celebrated discoverer of the great Tsari pilgrimage, a cave near the back of this monastery belongs to him.

Inside the Gompa, the center of the back wall is one unique , orignal Thangkar image of Nangwa Thaye, known as Choku Renpoche.

Below this monastery is the Langchen Bepuk which means Hidden Elephant Cave where Padmasambhava stayed and meditated when he came to Mt Kailash. From Chouku Gompa, the view on the south face of Kailash is stunning, and photos are strictly forbidden to the shrines, because in 1991 a group of art thieves from Nepal and working for western art dealers broke into this gompa and stole 16 ancient statues. Two of them were arrested and admitted that they stole to order, and they use “tourist’s” photo to find out the inside detail. This shall help to understand why the strictly forbidden on photo inside.


In The valley stretch from Mt Kailash
2 kilometers from Tarpoche

Opening hour

Valleys: Full day

Entrance fee

free of charge


4,800 meters above sea level

Choku Gompa Location

How to get there

Starting from Tarpoche, there are two ways to reach this monastery, one is to climb down from Buddha’s Platform directly to the trail; another one is to cross over the bridge to reach this site from the main trail that circle Mount Kailash

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