Kailash Mountain | 冈底斯山

Kailash Mountain | 冈底斯山 is the holy mountain of Gangdise Mountains range which is an important geographical boundary between north and south of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Brahmaputra river and its tributaries flow between the Gangdise and Himalayas. There are many river valleys, such as the Lhasa River valley, Gyantse and Shigatse River valley. The grassland is vast and the cultivated land is concentrated in this region which has the most population and developed agriculture, however, the north side of the Qiangtang Plateau is with climate of cold and dry.

Kailash Mountain is also known as “Gang-Ren-Bo-Qi,” which is translated as “Precious Jewel of Snows” in Tibetan. It is located in Western Tibet, about 30 kilometers south of the mountain where two lakes, Raksas Tal and Lake Manasarovar are located. It has been sacred to many practitioners of various religions. With an altitude of 6,656 meters its distinctive appearance has long awed people. For a long time, Kailash Mountain was said to be the source of four great rivers on earth including, the Indus, the Karnali, the Sutlej, and the Yarlung Tsanpo, which is named the Brahmaputra in India.

The mountain is not only sacred to Tibetan Buddhists, but also to Hindus and Jains from India.

Entrance fee

RMB 200.00 per person
This ticket is include two sites of Mt Kailash and Manarsaovar Lake


Average hiking altitude: 4,900 meter,above sea level
The highest pass – Dromala pass: 5,700 meters above sea level

Mt Kailash Location

Kailas Mountain Kora

Kailas Kora is the scared pilgrimage hike around the mountain. While Tibetans make this trip in one day, it is not recommended for visitors to attempt the trip in one day; rather they should take three days. The cora trek is about 53 kilometers long, beginnings at Darchen, or Tarpoche, where one Flagpole is erected, and it is the ground where the Saga Dawa Festival is held. The highest pass of this trek is Droma La pass, 5,700 meters. The two recommended sites for spending the night are Drirapuk Monastery and Zutrulpuk Monastery where the guesthouse available at both sites.

How to get there

The Closest airport from this site is Ali Kun Sha airport, which is approximately 360 kilometers northwest from here. A 6-7 hours’ drive is needed to reach Darchen from which the Kailash Cora begins. Or it can be reach by vehicle

Distance from Kailash mountain to

  • To Ali (Shiquanhe): 250 kilometers, about 4-5 hours drive
  • Guge Kingdom: 270 kilometers, about 4.5 hours drive
  • KunSha (Gunsa) Airport : 200 kilometers, about 3-4 hours drive
  • Shigatse : 940 kilometers, about 15 hours drive
  • Lhasa : 1,211 kilometers, about 19 – 20 hours drive

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