Drirapuk Monastery | 止拉浦寺

Drirapuk Monastery | 止拉浦寺 is located at the “big-turn” on the back of Mount Kailash, at which the White Dragon River, The East Dragon River and Dromala River joints together. This valley junction leads to three ways, one is to Tarpoche where the trek start, another one leads to the Drolma La pass (5,700 meters above sea level), the third valley leads northwest to the Indus River Source.

Drirapuk in Tibetan means “cave of female yak horn”. It is named due to its walls bear indentations of a dri’s horn. It encloses a retreat cave associated with the great “Yogin Gotsangpa” whom stayed in this monastery from 1213 to 1217. “Yogin Gotsangpa” was a disciple of one of Milarepa’s disciples and is known at the author of the 1st history and guide book of Mount Kailash.

Drirapuk Monastery (4,900 meters) is an important post for pilgrims or visitors to rest before they walk onto the Droma la pass (5,700 meters). It is about 22-23 kilometers from Darchen and has a simple guesthouse to spend the night.


Close to the bridge ascending to Dromala pass
Mt Kailash

Opening hour

Full day

Entrance fee

Free of Charge


4,950 meters above sea level

Drirapuk Monastery Location

How to get there

The Closest airport from this site is Ali airport which is approximately 360 km northwest from here. A full day of 6-7 hours drive is needed to reach Darchen from which the Kailash Cora begins. And 6-7 hours walk is needed for reach Drirapuk monastery from Darchen.

There was no road for vehicle to reach this remote monastery. However, due to countless pilgrims, visitors walking along the valley, a small trail gradually becomes a larger trail that allows tractor to get through which is mostly used for transporting goods and supplies to this monastery; Since the trail from Tarpoche to Drirapuk is the start of Kailash cora, so it is strongly recommend not to take tractor to reach this monastery unless you have physical injure.

From Drirapuk Monastery we’ll cross the small bridge to the trail leading to Shiwachal, a bizarre field with many scattered clothing. The pilgrims have left some personal items, including, a piece of cloth. Then, you’ll continue up to the highest point of Kailas Kora, 5,700 meters high Drolma La. Being the focus of Kailas Kora, pilgrims leave tokens like coins or longda, or attach a prayer flag.

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