Norbulingka | 罗布林卡

NorbuLingka means “the Jeweled Garden”, it was the summer palace for Dalai lama (Potala palace was winter palace), the largest garden in Tibet. It consists of 374 rooms/palaces, in total 360,000 square meter of wooded greenery and three palaces once used by the Dalai Lamas as a summer palace, and considered to be the largest man made garden in Tibet.

It was built from 1755 AD by the 7th Dalai Lama and served both as administrative center and religious center. Norbulingka is a unique representation of Tibetan palace architecture. It has now been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was added as an extension of this Historic Ensemble in 2001.

During the summer and autumn, this green palace becomes one spot of entertainment with dancing, singing, music and festivities for local people, it is also the site that held the annual Shoton festival (also “Yoghurt Festival”)

A number of buildings were damaged in the years of 60’s of 20th century, however, the local government initiated renovation to restore some of the damaged structures, and also the greenery, the flower gardens and the lakes in 2003

Address & Contact

Add : No. 21, Luobulinka Road, Chengguan district | 拉萨市城关区罗布林卡路21号
Contact : +86 891 682-6274

Entrance fee

High Travel season RMB 80.00 per person
Low Travel season RMB 60.00 per person

Opening hour

09:00 am – 18:00 pm


3,650 meters above sea level

Norbulingka Location

How to get there

Norbulingka is located in the west area of Lhasa city, it is well connected by punlic transportation. Local taxi is the most convenient choice
Or, to use local public transportation: by bus line: 2 and 14, get off at bus stop: “Luo-Bu-Lin-Ka South Road stop | 罗布林卡南站”

Major Events

  • Labours day : Tibetan play performance
  • Shoton Festival : Tibetan play performance, religious mask dance

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