Yading Nature Reserve | 亚丁自然保护区

Yading Nature reserve 亚丁自然保护区 is located some 110 km east from Daocheng County. It is the most important site in this region for the three holy mountains, which generally known as Rigsum Gonpo, but particularly named by the 5th Dalai Lama: Mt. Chenrezig (6032 meters), Mt Jampeyang (5958 meters) and Mt Chakna Dorje (5958 meters). This three holy mountains faces to each other covers an area of more than 800 Square kilometers. It is the focus for the pilgrimages from Litang, Daocheng and even the northwest of Yunnan province of Meli mountain area. There is one clear lake in front of each holy mountain.

Nowadays, benefited from the rapidly developed tourism, the whole county has been well building and local peoples life have been tremendously
improved a lot. Among of which, Daocheng Yading Airport particularly serves this nature reserve, brings a huge number of visitors to this region. It is located in Sumdo Township, about 50 kilometers north of Daocheng county and 135 kilometers from the Yading Nature Reserve with altitude is 4411 meters. The flight from Chengdu to Daocheng county has extremely shorten the overland travel time from 3-4 days drive to 1 hour air-travel.

Address & Contact

Add : The valley of Yading village | 稻城县,亚丁村
Contact : +86 836 572-1688/572-8888


Gongga River Junction (贡嘎河口) : 2,900 meters
Yading village (亚丁村) : 3,900 meters
Chong Gu Monastery (冲古寺) : 3,900 meters
Luorong Passture (洛绒牛场) : 4,100 – 4,200 meters
Color lake (五色海) : 4,500 meters l

Entrance fee

RMB 150.00 per person with Validation of 3 days
ECO-Bus ticket: RMB 120.00 per person (round trip)

Opening hour

07:00 am – 18:30 pm

Yading Nature Reserve Location

How to Get there

There is no bus between Daocheng County and Yading Nature Reserve, chartered vehicle is the only choice for the moment, and it reaches at Riwa village first, from where you need to switch to local scenic area tourist bus.
The journey from Daocheng to Riwa village takes about 1.5 hour, it takes another 1.5 hours to reach Yading village from Riwa village;

The round trip vehicle rental between Daocheng and Riwa village costs RMB 400.00 – 700.00 per vehicle; and it only costs RMB 50.00 per person if to share with others

The transportation in the Yading Nature Reserve | 亚丁自然保护区

  • The tourist bus : from Shangri La Town (香格里拉镇) ticketing center to Zha Guan Beng village(扎灌崩), 2 hours’ drive, with rate RMB 120.00 per person
  • The tourist bus : from Yading village (亚丁村) ticketing center to Zha Guan Beng village(扎灌崩), Rate RMB 20.00 per person
  • The Battery car : from Chong Gu Monastery (冲古寺) to Luorong Passture (洛绒牛场) , 20 minutes ride, with rate RMB 80.00 per person round trip
  • By horse-riding : from Luorong Passture (洛绒牛场) to Milk Sea (牛奶海) and Luorong Passture (洛绒牛场) to Color lake (五色海), 2 hours’ ride with rate RMB 300.00 per person round trip

Be Advised : Shangri La Town (香格里拉镇) means the “capital town” of Daocheng county; Shangri La City (香格里拉市) means the city in the northwest of Yunnan, which is also called Zhongdian (中甸), Gyltang (建塘)

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