Shangri-La City | 香格里拉

“Shangri-La” is a wonderland described in the novel by British author James Hilton published in 1933. According to the book, the “Shangri-La” is a mystical, harmonious valley, guided from a Tibetan monastery, enclosed in the western end of the Himalayan Mountains. Shangri-La has particularly become a mythical Himalayan permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world.

Shangri La City was named Zhongdian (中甸) or in Tibetan “Gyalthang (建塘)”. On December 17th 2001, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State Council of the People ‘s Republic of China, it has been renamed as “Shangri La” ever since; In order to separate from the Wonderland of Shangri La, we call it “Shangri La City”. It is also the capital town of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. However, the meaning of “Shangri la” is exactly same as the old Tibetan name of Shangri La city

Shangri La City and sites Location

Recommended sights

Recommended Accommodation

There are more than 200 hotels, including luxury hotel, 4 star hotel, boutique hotel, and also economy guesthouse or hostel available; whether you have small budget or wanting to enjoy a luxury experience, you will find the one that fits your needs, below listed are some recommended hotels:

Hylandia by Shangri-La

Add : No. 1, Chicika Road | 池慈卡路1号
Contact : +86 887 899-8998
Official Web :

Banyan Tree Ringha

Add : Hong Po Village | 红坡村
Contact : +86 887 828-8822
Official Web :

Songtsam Lodges | 松赞绿谷酒店

Add : By Sumtseling Monastery | 松赞林寺旁
Contact : +86 887 828-8289
Official Web :

Old Town Hotel | 古城国际大酒店

Add : No. 92, Chicika Road | 池慈卡路92号
Contact : +86 887 887-6999

Holy Palace Hotel | 龙凤祥大酒店

Add : No. 15, Chicika Road | 池慈卡路15号
Contact : +86 887 822-9788

Paradise Hotel | 天界神川酒店

Add :No. 165, Changzheng Ave | 长征大道165号
Contact : +86 887 822-8008

Anxin Lanhai Junhua| 安心蓝海钧华

Add : Xiangbala 3rd Road | 香巴拉大道城规3号路
Contact : +86 887 898-5555

Gadan Manor | 噶丹庄园

Add : Entrance, Xiangbala Zhen | 香巴拉小镇
Contact : +86 887 822-6888

How to get there

By flight : Di-Qing Airport is the only airport that serves Shangri La City, and is about 5 kilometers from the downtown area. There are flights to Kunming, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xishuangbanna, and Shanghai, Beijing; There will be more flights to more cities of China. The previous isolated small Tibetan town Shangri La has been well connected with outside world

By Public transportation : Shangri La city is located at the center of triangle area, it connects three provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, and Tibet;
Kunming — Shangri La: 720 km, it takes 12-14 hours with rate RMB 171.00 per person
Lijiang — Shangri La: 200 km, it takes 3-4 hours with rate RMB 25.00 per person
Dali– Shangri La: 300 km, it takes 4-5 hours with rate RMB 35.00 per person
Panzhihua city (Sichuan) — Shangri La: 470 km, it takes 7-8 hours with rate RMB 90.00 per person for sleeper; RMB 60.00 per person for hard-seat

Di Qing Airport Facts

Address: No. 1, Shen-Ying Road, Shangri La city
Altitude: 3,280 meters above sea level
Contact: +86 887 822 9916

Shangri La city Bus Station

Address: Xiangbala Avenue | 香巴拉大道
Phone: +86 887 822-3501
Altitude: 3,080 meters above sea level
Working hours: 06:00 am – 19:00 pm

Distance from Shangri La to

  • To Benzilan: 80 kilometers, about 1.5 hours drive
  • To Deqin : 175 kilometers, about 3.5 hours drive
  • To Zogang: 550 kilometers, about 11.5 hours drive
  • To Xiangcheng: 210 kilometers, about 6.5 hours drive
  • To Daocheng: 315 kilometers, about 9 hours drive
  • To Litang county: 410 kilometers, about 10.5 hours drive

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